Hitachi patents granted on 09 August 2016

34 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,414,260 Wireless communications device and wireless communications method
2 9,414,084 Image decoding device and method thereof using inter-coded predictive encoding code
3 9,414,083 Image decoding device and method thereof using inter-coded predictive encoding code
4 9,414,082 Image decoding device and method thereof using inter-coded predictive encoding code
5 9,413,661 Network relay device
6 9,413,256 Control device of DC-DC converter
7 9,413,201 Rotating electrical machine and vehicle equipped with rotating electrical machine
8 9,413,173 Power conversion device, control device for power conversion device, and control method for power conversion device
9 9,412,587 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, gas supply system, and recording medium
10 9,412,585 Method of manufacturing a SiOCN film, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
11 9,412,584 Method of manufacturing a thin film having a high tolerance to etching and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
12 9,412,582 Reaction tube, substrate processing apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
13 9,412,557 Charged particle beam apparatus and program
14 9,412,338 Light irradiation device
15 9,411,746 Computer system, computer and method for performing thin provisioning capacity management in coordination with virtual machines
16 9,411,716 System and method for controlling automated page-based tier management in storage systems
17 9,411,673 Management server, management system, and management method
18 9,411,527 Storage system and data management method
19 9,411,424 Input device for operating graphical user interface
20 9,411,409 Data processing system having power capping function in response to output state of power supply module
21 9,411,342 Electronic control device
22 9,410,929 Inspection device and inspection method
23 9,410,908 Humidity measurement device
24 9,410,906 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer comprising a temperature sensor, two external-air fans, and a circulation fan
25 9,410,591 Friction material composition, friction material using the same, and friction member
26 9,410,543 Pump for liquid chromatograph, and liquid chromatograph
27 9,410,519 High-pressure fuel pump assembly mechanism
28 9,410,514 Variable displacement oil pump
29 9,410,488 Variable valve timing control device for internal combustion engine, and control method
30 9,410,432 Turbine
31 9,409,553 Control device for work vehicle
32 9,409,257 Wire for I-shape oil rings and producing method of the same
33 9,409,117 Air pollution control system, air pollution control method, spray drying device of dewatering filtration fluid from desulfurization discharged water, and method thereof
34 9,408,591 Ultrasound diagnostic device and method of generating an intermediary image of ultrasound image