Hitachi patents granted on 09 December 2008

40 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,464,291 Storage subsystem and information processing system
2 7,464,288 External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
3 7,464,236 Storage system and storage management method
4 7,464,235 Storage system and control method thereof, and computer program product
5 7,464,233 Data input/output method in information processing system, and information processing system
6 7,464,232 Data migration and copying in a storage system with dynamically expansible volumes
7 7,464,224 Method for controlling storage policy according to volume activity
8 7,464,223 Storage system including storage adapters, a monitoring computer and external storage
9 7,464,222 Storage system with heterogenous storage, creating and copying the file systems, with the write access attribute
10 7,464,221 Storage system, storage device, and control method thereof
11 7,464,204 Disk-array device having storage-device recognition and identification of a storage area network link environment
12 7,464,188 Computer system controlling accesses to storage apparatus
13 7,464,184 Storage network management system and method
14 7,464,170 Content delivery server and terminal apparatus
15 7,464,152 Integrated service management system for remote customer support
16 7,464,144 Method for providing information apparatus together with setups transfer service
17 7,464,070 Database query operations using storage networks
18 7,464,002 Diagnosis method for boiler degradation, diagnosis apparatus for boiler degradation, diagnosis system for boiler degradation and recording medium that records operation program
19 7,463,916 Optical measurement apparatus for living body
20 7,463,888 Wireless communication terminal and a method of communication using the wireless communication terminal
21 7,463,829 Optical transmission apparatus and control method therefor
22 7,463,635 Packet communication system with QoS control function
23 7,463,633 Packet switching system, packet switching network and packet switching method
24 7,463,502 Ultra low-cost solid-state memory
25 7,463,459 Self-pinned read sensor design with enhanced lead stabilizing mechanism
26 7,463,350 Method and apparatus for detecting defects of a sample using a dark field signal and a bright field signal
27 7,463,325 Liquid crystal display device
28 7,463,235 Light illumination apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
29 7,463,219 Method for driving a plasma display panel
30 7,463,208 Antenna, and radio-controlled timepiece, keyless entry system and RFID system
31 7,463,182 Radar apparatus
32 7,462,838 Electrostatic deflection control circuit and method of electronic beam measuring apparatus
33 7,462,830 Method and apparatus for observing inside structures, and specimen holder
34 7,462,828 Inspection method and inspection system using charged particle beam
35 7,462,827 Non-destructive inspection method and apparatus therefor
36 7,462,817 Mass spectrometer and method of analyzing isomers
37 7,461,620 Variable valve actuation device of internal combustion engine
38 7,461,447 Method of fabrication of magnetic head having annealed embedded read sensor
39 7,461,446 Method for repairing photoresist layer defects using index matching overcoat
40 7,461,445 Method of manufacturing a magnetic head with a deposited shield