Hitachi patents granted on 09 January 2007

59 US patents granted on 09 January 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,162,671 Semiconductor integrated circuit device, method of testing semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
2 7,162,665 Information processing system, method for outputting log data, and computer-readable medium storing a computer software program for the same
3 7,162,647 Method and apparatus for cryptographic conversion in a data storage system
4 7,162,603 Method and apparatus for data relocation between storage subsystems
5 7,162,602 More granular and more efficient write protection for disk volumes
6 7,162,601 Method and apparatus for backup and recovery system using storage based journaling
7 7,162,600 Data copying method and apparatus in a thin provisioned system
8 7,162,598 Storage system
9 7,162,593 Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
10 7,162,580 Remote copy control method
11 7,162,576 Storage system
12 7,162,529 System using mobile proxy for intercepting mobile IP message and performing protocol translation to support multiple communication protocols between mobile networks
13 7,162,503 Computer system with plurality of database management systems
14 7,162,500 Memory media archiving system and operating method therefor
15 7,162,498 System recovery method taking backup of data before data conversion batch and producing snapshot of volume having related table stored therein and computer system using the same
16 7,162,354 Apparatus and method for determining date of gas turbine washing
17 7,162,353 Automotive control apparatus and method
18 7,162,347 System and method for managing construction machinery
19 7,162,134 Polymeric optical waveguide film
20 7,162,058 Authentication system by fingerprint
21 7,161,990 Predistortion amplifier
22 7,161,883 Information recording method and optical disk apparatus
23 7,161,777 Superconducting magnet system with quench protection circuit
24 7,161,773 High linear density tunnel junction flux guide read head with in-stack longitudinal bias stack (LBS)
25 7,161,771 Dual spin valve sensor with a longitudinal bias stack
26 7,161,766 Base plate structure, transfer system, and method and apparatus for assembling a head gimbal assembly
27 7,161,763 GMR sensor with oriented hard bias stabilization
28 7,161,761 Magnetic disk drive with feedback control
29 7,161,754 Servo pattern writing method and magnetic disk drive for carrying out the same
30 7,161,671 Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
31 7,161,641 Device with upper conductive element, lower conductive element, and insulating element
32 7,161,627 Apparatus and method of registration correction for video signal processor and a television camera having registration correcting function
33 7,161,577 Liquid crystal display device
34 7,161,576 Matrix-type display device
35 7,161,572 Liquid crystal display device
36 7,161,354 Leakage current or resistance measurement method, and monitoring apparatus and monitoring system of the same
37 7,161,323 Motor drive apparatus, electric actuator and electric power steering apparatus
38 7,161,264 Semiconductor circuit having drivers of different withstand voltage within the same chip
39 7,161,215 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same, a method of manufacturing a vertical MISFET and a vertical MISFET, and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
40 7,161,183 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
41 7,161,153 Apparatus and method for detecting .alpha.-ray
42 7,161,141 Ion trap/time-of-flight mass spectrometer and method of measuring ion accurate mass
43 7,160,948 Polymer alloy including polylactic acid
44 7,160,759 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
45 7,160,649 Gray level imaging masks, optical imaging apparatus for gray level imaging masks and methods for encoding mask and use of the masks
46 7,160,527 Method for treating amonia-containing effluent water
47 7,160,477 Method for making a contact magnetic transfer template
48 7,160,138 Package with lock mechanism
49 7,160,079 Turbine fuel pump
50 7,159,988 Projection optical unit and projection image display apparatus
51 7,159,785 Core piece and non-contact communication type information carrier using the core piece
52 7,159,640 Member used for casting
53 7,159,555 Start control for internal combustion engine
54 7,159,549 Variable valve system of internal combustion engine
55 7,159,545 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
56 7,159,305 Electronic component mounting apparatus
57 7,159,304 Method of manufacturing a spin-valve giant magnetoresistive head
58 7,159,303 Method for manufacturing magnetic head device
59 7,159,302 Method for manufacturing a perpendicular write head