Hitachi patents granted on 09 June 2009

43 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE40,726 Patterned magnetic recording media with discrete magnetic regions separated by regions of antiferromagnetically coupled films
2 7,546,506 DRAM stacked package, DIMM, and semiconductor manufacturing method
3 7,546,433 Storage system, and data management and migration method
4 7,546,426 Storage having a logical partitioning capability and systems which include the storage
5 7,546,414 Computer system, storage system, and device control method
6 7,546,413 Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
7 7,546,325 Backup system, file server and backup method
8 7,546,091 High-frequency circuit and high-frequency device
9 7,546,014 Optical directional coupler
10 7,545,977 Image processing apparatus for analysis of pattern matching failure
11 7,545,798 Communication system for controlling a call portion
12 7,545,777 CDMA communication system and method
13 7,545,759 High-frequency switching module and its control method
14 7,545,746 Computer system for controlling routed data amount
15 7,545,608 Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with impedance adjustment
16 7,545,607 Carriage arm assembly for locating magnetic head, and magnetic disk apparatus using the same
17 7,545,605 Method for reducing PSA tilt through standoff relocation
18 7,545,604 Magnetic recording medium having a cobalt-based alloy film for high density recording and magnetic storage device using same
19 7,545,601 Magnetic disk drive with line contact
20 7,545,599 Disk drive with vibration suppression member disposed near head assembly
21 7,545,598 FPC-connector connecting structure and magnetic disk
22 7,545,597 Recording/reproducing method of magnetic tape
23 7,545,596 System and method for WORM magnetic recording
24 7,545,595 Magnetic disk apparatus having an adjustable mechanism to compensate write or heat element for off-tracking position with yaw angle
25 7,545,357 Display device having an improved voltage level converter circuit
26 7,545,355 Image display apparatus and driving method thereof
27 7,545,144 Vertical field MRI shoulder coil
28 7,545,143 Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
29 7,545,116 Driver for induction motor and method of driving the same
30 7,545,053 Power supply and power supply method upon interruption of electric service
31 7,544,936 Method and device for observing a specimen in a field of view of an electron microscope
32 7,544,935 Method and apparatus for evaluating thin films
33 7,544,930 Tandem type mass analysis system and method
34 7,544,886 Extra-fine copper alloy wire, extra-fine copper alloy twisted wire, extra-fine insulated wire, coaxial cable, multicore cable and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,544,732 Modified fluororesin composition and modified fluororesin molded article
36 7,544,727 Encapsulant of epoxy resin, curing agent, and secondary aminosilane coupling agent or phosphate
37 7,544,283 Method and apparatus for removing thin metal films
38 7,543,944 Projection-type display apparatus and multiscreen display apparatus
39 7,543,769 Blasting medium picking-apart device
40 7,543,560 Cylinder direct gasoline injection type internal combustion engine, control equipment thereof, and injector
41 7,543,448 Control system for hydraulic construction machine
42 7,543,447 Control system for traveling working vehicle
43 7,543,371 Apparatus for a disk drive actuator pivot set height tooling with an active servo compensation