Hitachi patents granted on 09 June 2015

32 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D731,570 Thin membrane holder for an electron microscope
2 9,055,704 Hot press device and multi-layered printed board press method
3 9,055,044 Computer system and method of controlling computer system
4 9,054,655 Transimpedance amplifier
5 9,054,628 Power inverter
6 9,054,572 Wound core, electromagnetic component and manufacturing method therefor, and electromagnetic equipment
7 9,054,568 Permanent magnet rotating electric machine
8 9,054,174 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
9 9,054,046 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of processing substrate
10 9,053,927 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of processing substrate
11 9,053,905 Electron beam irradiation apparatus
12 9,053,902 Charged-particle radiation apparatus
13 9,053,823 Method and apparatus for an alternative suppression pool cooling for boiling water reactors
14 9,053,539 Image processing apparatus
15 9,052,839 Virtual storage apparatus providing a plurality of real storage apparatuses
16 9,052,827 Storage apparatus and data management method
17 9,052,823 Storage system and data management method with application specific storage tiers
18 9,052,716 System for indicating parking position and direction of dump truck and hauling system
19 9,052,587 Conductive pattern formation method, conductive pattern-bearing substrate, and touch panel sensor
20 9,052,479 Optical board, method for manufacturing the same, and optical module
21 9,052,449 Light emitting device, manufacturing method thereof, and optical transceiver
22 9,052,432 Multicore fiber
23 9,052,301 Automatic analyzer
24 9,052,015 Cylinder apparatus
25 9,051,839 Supersonic turbine moving blade and axial-flow turbine
26 9,051,712 Hydraulic system for working machine
27 9,051,246 Compound having trimethylene structure, polymer compound containing unit that has trimethylene structure, and reactive compound having trimethylene structure
28 9,051,001 Power steering apparatus and speed reducer for power steering
29 9,050,814 Liquid container coupled to a refill container and ink-jet recording apparatus having same
30 9,050,780 Laminate body, laminate plate, multilayer laminate plate, printed wiring board, and method for manufacture of laminate plate
31 9,050,654 Method of manufacturing composite ball for electronic parts
32 9,050,003 Reconstruction computing device, reconstruction computing method, and X-ray CT apparatus