Hitachi patents granted on 09 November 2010

63 US patents granted on 09 November 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,831,792 Computer system, data migration method and storage management server
2 7,831,781 Storage system and path switching method
3 7,831,767 Storage control system, control method for storage control system, port selector, and controller
4 7,831,764 Storage system having plural flash memory drives and method for controlling data storage
5 7,831,744 Storage system and ownership transfer method
6 7,831,687 Storage system managing data through a wide area network
7 7,831,618 Method and apparatus for managing a database and processing program therefor
8 7,831,591 Method of searching for a file with a directory identified from a file path as a start point
9 7,831,551 Backup data erasure method
10 7,831,514 Method for managing license of software program in storage system
11 7,831,394 Information processing system using nucleotide sequence-related information
12 7,831,362 Position measuring system for working machine
13 7,831,283 Sensor network system and sensor node
14 7,831,130 Circulating recording apparatus, recording method and recording medium storing program of the recording method
15 7,830,924 Stuffing and destuffing operations when mapping low-order client signals into high-order transmission frames
16 7,830,895 Packet communication apparatus with function enhancement module
17 7,830,886 Router and SIP server
18 7,830,774 Optical pickup lens
19 7,830,755 Optical head and optical disc drive
20 7,830,730 Semiconductor device
21 7,830,706 Semiconductor device
22 7,830,689 Power converter
23 7,830,641 Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) sensor with a Co-Fe-B free layer having a negative saturation magnetostriction
24 7,830,639 Data storage device and disk drive
25 7,830,636 Spoiler and method for using the spoiler having a perforation there through for reducing particle accumulation in a hard disk drive
26 7,830,634 Head-disk contact detection and work function difference determination
27 7,830,631 Controlling an overshoot amplitude level based on a recording data pattern in a magnetic disk drive
28 7,830,502 Substrate inspection device and substrate inspection method
29 7,830,474 Lighting device and liquid crystal display using it
30 7,830,369 Video signal processing apparatus, video displaying apparatus and high resolution method for video signal
31 7,830,355 Liquid crystal display device
32 7,830,347 Liquid crystal display device with influences of offset voltages reduced
33 7,830,341 Organic electroluminescence display device
34 7,830,321 Antenna for ultra wide band telecommunications
35 7,830,167 Pre-emphasis circuit
36 7,830,148 NMR sample tube
37 7,830,146 NMR solenoidal coil for RF field homogeneity
38 7,830,126 Hybrid vehicle control system and method
39 7,830,086 Light emitting device, lighting device, and display device having light emitting device
40 7,830,082 Organic light emitting diode display with porous insulation film containing SiO
41 7,830,060 Electric motor
42 7,829,930 Semiconductor device with ion movement control
43 7,829,913 Porous substrate and its manufacturing method, and gan semiconductor multilayer substrate and its manufacturing method
44 7,829,911 Light emitting diode
45 7,829,848 Gas monitoring apparatus
46 7,829,846 Analytical system and method utilizing the dependence of signal intensity on matrix component concentration
47 7,829,845 Methods and instruments for identification of glycosylated proteins and peptides
48 7,829,740 Process for production of lactic acid and equipment for the production
49 7,829,395 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
50 7,829,226 Non-aqueous secondary battery
51 7,829,222 Artificial graphite particles and method for manufacturing same, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell, negative electrode and method for manufacturing same, and lithium secondary cell
52 7,829,061 Zirconium oxide hydrate particles and method for producing the same
53 7,828,928 Vacuum processing apparatus
54 7,828,731 Ultrasonographic apparatus, ultrasonographic data processing method, and ultrasonographic data processing program
55 7,828,473 Illuminating apparatus and display apparatus using the same
56 7,828,133 Bill handling device
57 7,828,124 Electric disk brake
58 7,828,107 Forward/backward movement operation device for work machine
59 7,827,949 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
60 7,827,948 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
61 7,827,947 Variable displacement pump, valve timing control device using the variable displacement pump, and valve timing control system using the variable displacement pump, for use in internal combustion engines
62 7,827,946 Engine valve lifter mechanism of internal combustion engine
63 7,827,874 Sample treatment system