Hitachi patents granted on 10 April 2012

67 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D657,473 Reagent container
2 D657,211 Pruning machine
3 8,156,561 Method and apparatus for setting access restriction information
4 8,156,512 Optical disc drive having impact absorbing mechanism
5 8,156,369 Remote copying management system, method and apparatus
6 8,156,367 I/O device switching method
7 8,156,315 Information processing apparatus and operation method of the same
8 8,156,293 Method and apparatus for a unified storage system
9 8,156,279 Storage device and deduplication method
10 8,156,277 Flash memory module and storage system
11 8,156,253 Computer system, device sharing method, and device sharing program
12 8,156,091 Method to retain an inherent and indelible item value in a relational database management system
13 8,156,077 Data transfer method and server computer system
14 8,156,076 Terminal and data distribution system
15 8,155,928 Method for generating data of plant construction simulation and system thereof
16 8,155,905 Method of extracting a time constant from complex random telegraph signals
17 8,155,834 Traveling drive unit for working vehicle
18 8,155,822 Vehicular electronic control apparatus and control specification setting method for same
19 8,155,793 System and method for controlling air conditioning facilities, and system and method for power management of computer room
20 8,155,766 Methods and apparatus to provision power-saving storage system
21 8,155,763 Operation control method, operation control device, and operation control system
22 8,155,726 Magnetic detection coil and apparatus for magnetic field measurement
23 8,155,493 Flexible optical waveguide and process for its production
24 8,155,423 System and method for tracing bank notes
25 8,155,402 Finger vein authentication device
26 8,155,219 Apparatus and method for peak suppression in wireless communication systems
27 8,155,199 Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
28 8,155,186 Bit stream recording medium, video encoder, and video decoder
29 8,154,999 Packet forwarding apparatus with function of limiting the number of user terminals to be connected to ISP
30 8,154,973 Method of evaluating reproduce signal and optical disc drive
31 8,154,962 Optical pickup and optical information recording and reproducing device
32 8,154,961 Optical disk apparatus and focus jump method for multilayer optical disk
33 8,154,829 Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) device with improved ferromagnetic underlayer for MgO tunneling barrier layer
34 8,154,827 Integrated lead suspension with multiple crossover coplanar connection of the electrically conductive traces
35 8,154,823 Information recording and reproducing apparatus, information recording and reproducing system, information processing apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
36 8,154,821 Magnetic head-positioning servo system, magnetic head test system and magnetic disk test system
37 8,154,791 Light control film
38 8,154,717 Optical apparatus for defect inspection
39 8,154,699 Liquid crystal display device
40 8,154,698 In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
41 8,154,693 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method for same
42 8,154,677 Liquid crystal display device having a pixel region with two TFT elements and two pixel electrodes each having slits extending in two directions
43 8,154,498 Display device
44 8,154,464 Magnetic material antenna and ferrite sintered body
45 8,154,294 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for correcting error due to gradient magnetic field
46 8,154,291 Inherently decoupled solenoid pair elements
47 8,154,290 NMR solenoidal coil and NMR probe having specialized static magnetic field compensating arrangements
48 8,154,257 Storage system including a plurality of battery modules
49 8,153,990 Particle beam therapy system
50 8,153,970 Scanning electron microscope
51 8,153,969 Inspection method and inspection system using charged particle beam
52 8,153,966 Electrode unit and charged particle beam device
53 8,153,903 Circuit board and image display apparatus
54 8,153,899 Conductor wire connecting method, and connecting terminal, stator, and rotary electric machine
55 8,153,754 Equipment and method for producing polyhydroxycarboxylic acid
56 8,153,298 Positive electrode for alkaline battery and alkaline battery using the same
57 8,153,070 Microreactor
58 8,153,060 Automatic analyzer
59 8,152,707 Bio cell cleaning centrifuge and bio cell cleaning rotor used in the same
60 8,152,583 Manufacturing method of organic EL display device
61 8,152,502 Scroll compressor having guide ring supporting and urging seal member
62 8,152,478 Compressor with controlled capacity
63 8,151,915 Electric drive vehicle
64 8,151,834 Hydrogen compressor system
65 8,151,549 High humidity gas turbine equipment
66 8,151,455 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
67 8,151,442 Method of fabricating a magnetoresistive (MR) element having a continuous flux guide defined by the free layer