Hitachi patents granted on 10 August 2010

81 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D621,523 Capillary DNA sequencer
2 7,774,804 Optical disc apparatus and flexible cable used for the same
3 7,774,685 HDD sector format with reduced vulnerability to defects and burst errors
4 7,774,679 Techniques for performing reduced complexity galois field arithmetic for correcting errors
5 7,774,641 Storage subsystem and control method thereof
6 7,774,640 Disk array apparatus
7 7,774,630 Method, computing system, and computer program for reducing power consumption of a computing system by relocating jobs and deactivating idle servers
8 7,774,621 Controller to move contents and control method thereof
9 7,774,618 Method and apparatus for cryptographic conversion in a data storage system
10 7,774,567 Copy control method and a storage device
11 7,774,550 Storage system and storage system control method
12 7,774,543 Storage system, method for managing the same, and storage controller
13 7,774,540 Storage system and method for opportunistic write-verify
14 7,774,126 Electromagnetic fuel injection valve device
15 7,774,047 Optical measurement instrument for living body
16 7,774,021 Communication terminal apparatus
17 7,773,983 Application filtering apparatus, system and method
18 7,773,981 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
19 7,773,956 Multi-band high frequency circuit, multi-band high-frequency component and multi-band communications apparatus
20 7,773,880 Optical access system
21 7,773,686 MIMO wireless data transmission system
22 7,773,600 Device for flow classifying and packet forwarding device with flow classify function
23 7,773,589 Load-balancing, fault-tolerant storage system
24 7,773,583 IP telecommunication system, method for controlling communication in IP network, client terminal and client server
25 7,773,496 Combination type optical disk medium, its reproduction method and optical disk apparatus
26 7,773,488 Information reproducing apparatus
27 7,773,483 Information recording apparatus
28 7,773,481 Recording method and optical disc apparatus
29 7,773,389 Electronic component mounted structure and optical transceiver using the same
30 7,773,349 Tunnel MR head with long stripe height sensor stabilized through the shield
31 7,773,348 High coercivity hard magnetic seedlayer
32 7,773,338 Magnetic disk drive
33 7,773,331 Thermally assisted magnetic recording system
34 7,773,210 Appearance inspection apparatus
35 7,773,191 Reflective liquid crystal display device comprising a liquid crystal layer having a twist angle
36 7,773,189 Liquid crystal display device
37 7,773,187 Liquid crystal display device
38 7,773,184 LCD device having a plurality of pixel regions with a conductive layer parallel to the drain lines and connected to a counter electrode and of which is perpendicular to and as an extending portion of a counter voltage signal line of the pixel region
39 7,773,140 Stereo image-pickup apparatus
40 7,773,080 Display device and the driving method which restricts electric power
41 7,773,052 Display device and method of driving the same using plural voltages
42 7,773,050 Semiconductor device and plasma display device using the same
43 7,773,047 Antenna and method of making the same
44 7,772,877 Output buffer circuit, differential output buffer circuit, output buffer circuit having regulation circuit and regulation function, and transmission method
45 7,772,870 Method and apparatus for layer short detection of electric rotating machine
46 7,772,856 Electromagnetic wave generation source searching method and current probe used therefor
47 7,772,840 Eddy current testing method
48 7,772,736 Permanent magnet synchronous motor, rotor of the same, and compressor using the same
49 7,772,622 Field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
50 7,772,586 Optical semiconductor devices on InP substrate
51 7,772,577 Particle beam therapy system
52 7,772,568 Micro sample heating probe and method of producing the same, and analyzer using the micro sample heating probe
53 7,772,567 Specimen holding device and charged particle beam device
54 7,772,554 Charged particle system
55 7,772,553 Scanning electron microscope
56 7,772,317 Resin molding material
57 7,772,149 Exhaust gas purification apparatus for an internal combustion engine and a catalyst for purifying exhaust gas
58 7,771,988 Control device for fermenter
59 7,771,863 Cylindrical secondary battery
60 7,771,853 Patterned magnetic medium, magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage device
61 7,771,852 Magnetic recording disk with patterned nondata islands of alternating polarity
62 7,771,656 Automatic analyzer
63 7,771,608 Plasma processing method and apparatus
64 7,771,607 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
65 7,771,564 Plasma processing apparatus
66 7,771,559 Method for connecting electrodes, surface-treated wiring board and adhesive film used in the method, and electrode-connected structure
67 7,771,546 Semi-hard magnetic material, bias material for magnetic marker, magnetic marker and production method of bias material for magnetic marker
68 7,771,128 Optical connector
69 7,771,056 Light source unit and projection type image display apparatus having the same
70 7,771,054 Display system and camera system
71 7,770,823 Fuel injector and its stroke adjustment method
72 7,770,556 Multi-hole injector, in-cylinder gasoline injection type internal combustion engine and control method for the engine
73 7,770,528 Solid fuel burner, solid fuel burner combustion method, combustion apparatus and combustion apparatus operation method
74 7,770,501 Miter saw having compact gear case at cutting portion
75 7,770,462 Apparatus for measuring a mechanical quantity
76 7,770,451 Angular velocity detecting device
77 7,770,403 Indoor and outdoor unit communication via signal from a power line
78 7,770,285 Method of forming a magnetic read/write head
79 7,770,283 Method of fabricating a magnetic head
80 7,770,282 Method of making a magnetic sensing device having an insulator structure
81 7,770,281 Method for redefining the trailing shield throat height in a perpendicular magnetic recording write head