Hitachi patents granted on 10 February 2009

37 US patents granted on 10 February 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D586,196 Portable gas nailing machine
2 7,490,259 Error recovery method for data storage device, data storage device, and magnetic disk storage device
3 7,490,212 System and method for writing data to dedicated bands of a hard disk drive
4 7,490,150 Storage system, adapter apparatus, information processing apparatus and method for controlling the information processing apparatus
5 7,490,043 System and method for speaker verification using short utterance enrollments
6 7,489,999 Control apparatus and control method for variable valve apparatus
7 7,489,997 Diagnostic apparatus for internal combustion engine
8 7,489,907 Transmitter for suppressing a variation in input level of a multicarrier signal
9 7,489,869 Passive optical network system and ranging system thereof
10 7,489,700 Virtual access router
11 7,489,677 Exchange equipment
12 7,489,610 Highly adaptive recording method and optical recording apparatus
13 7,489,588 Semiconductor memory device having a main amplifier equipped with a current control circuit in a burst read operation
14 7,489,482 Magnetic head of magnetoresistance effect type and process for production thereof
15 7,489,479 Electrical lead suspension having partitioned air slots
16 7,489,478 Magnetic disk drive head suspension having a lift tab which engages a limiter
17 7,489,470 Magnetic recording apparatus
18 7,489,466 Enabling intermittent contact recording on-demand
19 7,489,463 Method of writing patterns using head with correct phases, and data storage device
20 7,489,395 Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
21 7,489,378 Liquid crystal display device
22 7,489,377 Liquid crystal display device
23 7,489,374 Liquid crystal display
24 7,489,372 Display device and method of assembling the display device
25 7,489,297 Method for displaying information and information display system
26 7,489,063 Thin film piezoelectric bulk acoustic wave resonator and radio frequency filter using the same
27 7,489,056 Method of bonding metallic members by plastic-flow bonding and plastic-flow bonded body
28 7,489,049 Antitheft device
29 7,488,949 Radiological imaging apparatus and its cooling system
30 7,488,893 Flexible non-halogen electric wires
31 7,488,676 Manufacturing method of a multi-layered circuit board
32 7,488,609 Method for forming an MgO barrier layer in a tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) device
33 7,488,545 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with laminated recording layers formed of exchange-coupled ferromagnetic layers
34 7,488,531 Adhesion assisting agent-bearing metal foil, printed wiring board, and production method of printed wiring board
35 7,488,183 Data storage device and connector disposed therein
36 7,487,920 Integrated circuit card system and application loading method
37 7,487,767 Ignition coil for use in engine and engine having plastic cylinder head cover