Hitachi patents granted on 10 February 2015

37 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,954,963 Method and apparatus for resetting a physical I/O adapter without stopping a guest OS running on a virtual machine
2 8,954,892 Flexible reporting on storage resources
3 8,954,706 Storage apparatus, computer system, and control method for storage apparatus
4 8,954,682 Computer system management apparatus and management method
5 8,954,671 Tiered storage device providing for migration of prioritized application specific data responsive to frequently referenced data
6 8,954,666 Storage subsystem
7 8,954,659 Storage system having a plurality of flash packages
8 8,954,528 DLNA content conversion device, DLNA content conversion method, and DLNA content conversion program
9 8,954,497 Parallel distributed processing method and computer system
10 8,954,406 Policy-based management of a redundant array of independent nodes
11 8,954,384 File storage system and file storage method
12 8,954,382 Operation arrangement support system and method thereof
13 8,953,894 Pattern matching method and image processing device
14 8,953,868 Defect inspection method and defect inspection apparatus
15 8,953,865 Medical image processing device and medical image processing method
16 8,953,855 Edge detection technique and charged particle radiation equipment
17 8,953,678 Moving picture coding apparatus
18 8,953,282 Magnetic head, and magnetic storage apparatus
19 8,953,156 Defect detection method and defect detection device and defect observation device provided with same
20 8,952,884 Suspended particle device, light control device using the same, and method for driving the same
21 8,952,642 Power conversion device and temperature rise calculation method thereof
22 8,952,588 Disk motor and electric working machine including the same
23 8,952,576 Semiconductor device
24 8,952,525 Semiconductor module and method for manufacturing semiconductor module
25 8,952,324 Mass analyzing apparatus, analyzing method and calibration sample
26 8,951,919 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
27 8,951,912 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate, substrate processing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
28 8,951,773 Production method for biofuel
29 8,951,448 Cathode material for lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery, and secondary battery module using the battery
30 8,951,436 Positive electrode active material
31 8,951,385 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
32 8,951,198 Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
33 8,951,197 Method of displaying elastic image and diagnostic ultrasound system
34 8,951,044 Keeper for implant and its assembly, and keeper-fixing method
35 8,950,801 Construction machine
36 8,950,738 Vibration-damping support device
37 8,950,180 Hybrid construction machine