Hitachi patents granted on 10 January 2006

34 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 6,986,138 Virtual work flow management method
2 6,986,072 Register capable of corresponding to wide frequency band and signal generating method using the same
3 6,986,054 Attack-resistant implementation method
4 6,986,029 Micro-controller for reading out compressed instruction code and program memory for compressing instruction code and storing therein
5 6,985,998 Disk array device for idle seek
6 6,985,997 System and method for storage system
7 6,985,994 Storage control apparatus and method thereof
8 6,985,989 Storage apparatus having plural controller including interconnected memories
9 6,985,906 Method and system for multidimensional database management
10 6,985,874 System of ordering and delivering merchandise in electronic mall and method thereof
11 6,985,785 Method and apparatus for creating shape data
12 6,985,744 Cellular phone and a base station thereof
13 6,985,649 Optical switching apparatus and optical switching method
14 6,985,496 Communication management device and communication management method
15 6,985,485 Communicating method between IPv4 terminal and IPv6 terminal and IPv4-IPv6 converting apparatus
16 6,985,424 Laser module and optical head
17 6,985,335 Integrated lead suspension and method of construction
18 6,985,334 Magnetic head slider and a magnetic disk device in which the slider is mounted
19 6,985,330 High efficiency side-by-side thin film head utilizing canted shield yokes
20 6,985,322 Perpendicular recording and read head assembly with in situ stand alone stabilizer for a magnetic medium underlayer
21 6,985,321 Head suspension assembly mounting nonvolatile memory and magnetic disk device
22 6,985,317 Method and apparatus for testing the reliability of a disk drive
23 6,985,131 Liquid crystal display device
24 6,985,130 Display device including a distribution circuit disposed after a video signal generation circuit
25 6,985,111 Printed circuit board and wireless communication apparatus
26 6,984,937 Gas discharge panel having protective film containing driving voltage-reducing compound
27 6,984,613 Post chemical mechanical polishing cleaning solution for 2.45T CoFeNi structures of thin film magnetic heads
28 6,984,589 Method for determining etching process conditions and controlling etching process
29 6,984,455 Friction stir welding method, and method for manufacturing car body
30 6,983,873 Friction stir welding method and structure body formed
31 6,983,871 Combustion-powered nail gun
32 6,983,585 Combined cycle plant
33 6,983,530 Method of making a dual GMR read head with self-pinned layer and specular reflector
34 D513,533 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus