Hitachi patents granted on 10 January 2017

49 US patents granted on 10 January 2017 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,544,988 Boiling refrigerant type cooling system
2 9,544,799 Base station congestion management system, and base station congestion management method
3 9,544,658 Video signal transmission/reception method, display device, and decoding device
4 9,544,555 Projection-type video-image-displaying device
5 9,544,517 Electric camera
6 9,543,865 Device for driving three-phase brushless motor
7 9,543,579 Lithium ion secondary battery
8 9,543,559 Square secondary battery
9 9,543,265 Joint material, and jointed body
10 9,543,220 Substrate processing apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing method, substrate processing method, and recording medium
11 9,543,135 Mass spectrometer and mass analyzing method for efficiently ionizing a sample with less carry-over
12 9,543,113 Charged-particle beam device for irradiating a charged particle beam on a sample
13 9,543,112 Specimen cryo holder and dewar
14 9,543,111 Charged particle beam device
15 9,543,095 Gas circuit breaker
16 9,543,053 Electron beam equipment
17 9,543,047 System and method for storing fresh and irradiated nuclear fuel
18 9,542,969 Optical recording medium and optical information playback method
19 9,542,762 X-ray CT apparatus and image reconstruction method
20 9,542,744 Medical image display apparatus and medical image display method
21 9,542,468 Database management system and method for controlling synchronization between databases
22 9,542,413 Stored data deduplication method, stored data deduplication apparatus, and deduplication program
23 9,542,310 File server node with non-volatile memory processing module coupled to cluster file server node
24 9,542,249 System redundancy verification method and computer system
25 9,541,623 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and flip angle determination method
26 9,541,617 Gradient coil device and magnetic resonance imaging device
27 9,541,614 High frequency coil unit and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
28 9,541,531 Detector for liquid chromatography
29 9,541,437 Thermal flow meter with a circuit package having an air flow measurement circuit for measuring an air flow
30 9,541,380 Shape measuring method and device
31 9,541,289 Gas cooler, gasification furnace, and integrated gasification combined cycle for carbon-containing fuel
32 9,541,281 High-temperature piping product and method for producing same
33 9,541,189 Device and method for switching range of automatic transmission
34 9,541,048 Fuel injection valve
35 9,541,046 Fuel injection device
36 9,540,983 Construction machine
37 9,540,968 Valve timing control apparatus and variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine
38 9,540,934 Hot part of gas turbine, gas turbine including the same, and manufacturing method of hot part of gas turbine
39 9,540,790 Work machine
40 9,540,728 Substrate processing apparatus, apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device, and gas supply system
41 9,540,727 Cleaning method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus and recording medium
42 9,540,577 Mercury removal system, gasification system, gasification combined power generation system and mercury removal method
43 9,540,041 Power steering apparatus and method for assembling power steering apparatus
44 9,540,008 Traveling stop control device for transport vehicle and transport vehicle with the same
45 9,540,003 Vehicle motion control device
46 9,539,680 Auxiliary member for assembly/disassembly of gas turbine casing, gas turbine having the same, assembly method of gas turbine casing, and disassembly method of gas turbine casing
47 9,539,649 Power tool and method for producing the same
48 9,539,639 Ceramic core and method for producing same
49 9,538,989 Ultrasound imaging equipment and method