Hitachi patents granted on 10 July 2007

51 US patents granted on 10 July 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D546,354 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
2 7,243,266 Computer system and detecting method for detecting a sign of failure of the computer system
3 7,243,258 Network system having function of changing route upon failure
4 7,243,256 External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
5 7,243,229 Exclusive access control apparatus and method
6 7,243,223 Computer system using disk controller and operating service thereof
7 7,243,197 Method and apparatus for backup and recovery using storage based journaling
8 7,243,196 Disk array apparatus, and method for avoiding data corruption by simultaneous access by local and remote host device
9 7,243,189 Data processing system and method
10 7,243,166 External storage subsystem
11 7,243,144 Integrated topology management method for storage and IP networks
12 7,243,119 Floating point computing unit
13 7,243,116 Storage system
14 7,242,994 Method and system of production planning
15 7,242,860 Optical protection switching using 2 by 2 switching functions
16 7,242,699 Wavelength tunable semiconductor laser apparatus
17 7,242,656 Disk system and power-on sequence for the same
18 7,242,627 Semiconductor device
19 7,242,581 Liquid cooling system and an electronic apparatus applying the same therein
20 7,242,580 Disk array apparatus
21 7,242,556 CPP differential GMR sensor having antiparallel stabilized free layers for perpendicular recording
22 7,242,555 Inertial latching mechanism for disk drive actuator
23 7,242,551 Method for inspecting track pitch in a magnetic disk
24 7,242,499 System for creating a virtual file server to provide data files
25 7,242,399 Capacitive load drive circuit and plasma display apparatus
26 7,242,373 Circuit for driving flat display device
27 7,242,372 Plasma display apparatus
28 7,242,309 Gas detection system
29 7,242,273 RF-MEMS switch and its fabrication method
30 7,242,268 Unbalanced-balanced multiband filter module
31 7,242,247 Distortion compensation circuit, power amplifier using distortion compensation circuit, and distortion compensation signal generating method
32 7,242,184 Rotation angle detecting apparatus and method thereof
33 7,242,128 DC brushless motor for electrical power steering and the production method thereof
34 7,242,016 Surface inspection apparatus and method thereof
35 7,242,015 Patterned wafer inspection method and apparatus therefor
36 7,242,013 Method for depositing a film using a charged particle beam, method for performing selective etching using the same, and charged particle beam equipment therefor
37 7,241,996 Charged particle beam apparatus
38 7,241,816 Expandable styrene resin particles, expandable beads, and foamed article
39 7,241,698 Method for sensor edge and mask height control for narrow track width devices
40 7,241,697 Method for sensor edge control and track width definition for narrow track width devices
41 7,241,644 Adhesive, method of connecting wiring terminals and wiring structure
42 7,241,597 Method for assaying DNA fragments in mixture
43 7,241,572 Method for isolating and purifying nucleic acids
44 7,241,044 Production control system of autonomous and decentralized type
45 7,241,038 Light distribution control device
46 7,241,015 Optical unit and projection type image display unit using it
47 7,240,666 High-pressure fuel pump control device for engine
48 7,240,665 Method and apparatus for controlling motor-driven throttle valve, automobile, method of measuring temperature of motor for driving automotive throttle valve, and method of measuring motor temperature
49 7,240,664 Variable valve type internal combustion engine and control method thereof
50 7,240,661 Fuel injection device for internal combustion engine
51 7,240,649 Valve actuation device of internal combustion engine