Hitachi patents granted on 10 May 2016

48 US patents granted on 10 May 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D755,856 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D755,829 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D755,828 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D755,687 Steering knuckle for a driving apparatus
5 9,338,371 Imaging device
6 9,337,894 Electromagnetic wave transmission medium and electromagnetic wave transmission system
7 9,337,853 Interleaved A/D converter
8 9,337,838 Programmable circuit device and configuration information restoration method
9 9,337,823 Switching circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
10 9,337,822 Switch circuit, mass spectrometer, and control method for switch circuit
11 9,337,763 Power tool system and power supply device
12 9,337,708 Magnetic gear-type electric rotating machine
13 9,337,429 Organic electronic material, ink composition, and organic electronic element
14 9,337,015 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, method of processing a substrate, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
15 9,336,999 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
16 9,336,987 Charged particle beam apparatus
17 9,336,984 Charged particle beam device and measuring method using the same
18 9,336,979 Focused ion beam apparatus with precious metal emitter surface
19 9,336,974 Gas circuit breaker
20 9,336,914 Radioactive waste solidification method
21 9,336,913 Radioactive organic waste treatment method
22 9,336,811 Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus and recording media
23 9,336,743 Video signal transmitting apparatus and video signal receiving apparatus
24 9,336,587 Semiconductor circuit pattern measuring apparatus and method
25 9,336,412 Storage system and method for controlling storage system
26 9,336,229 File cloning and de-cloning in a data storage system
27 9,336,153 Computer system, cache management method, and computer
28 9,336,090 Storage apparatus comprising snapshot function, and storage control method
29 9,335,929 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage system
30 9,335,618 Projection image display apparatus
31 9,335,496 Photoelectric conversion module
32 9,335,335 Automatic analyzer
33 9,335,277 Region-of-interest determination apparatus, observation tool or inspection tool, region-of-interest determination method, and observation method or inspection method using region-of-interest determination method
34 9,335,261 Time-domain spectroscopy and time-domain spectroscopic analysis system
35 9,334,904 Propeller shaft and yoke structure of universal joint used for the propeller shaft
36 9,334,885 Pump suction pipe
37 9,334,808 Combustor and the method of fuel supply and converting fuel nozzle for advanced humid air turbine
38 9,334,757 Single-casing steam turbine and combined cycle power plant of single-shaft type
39 9,334,745 Gas turbine stator vane
40 9,334,573 Layered silicate silver surface treatment agent, sulfidation prevention film and light-emitting device with treated silver layer
41 9,334,567 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, method for processing substrate and substrate processing apparatus
42 9,334,415 Ink, base to be printed, printing device, printing method, and method for producing base to be printed
43 9,334,031 System for attitude control of underwater vehicle and method for attitude control of underwater vehicle
44 9,333,874 Battery system for vehicle, on-vehicle battery module, and cell controller
45 9,333,632 Pneumatic nail driver
46 9,333,457 Zeolite membrane separation and recovery system for CO.sub.2
47 9,333,266 Medicinal agent for medical applications
48 9,332,958 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying ultrasonic image