Hitachi patents granted on 10 November 2015

39 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,185,686 Multichannel wireless communication system, base station, and channel using method
2 9,185,371 Liquid crystal projector having shade member preventing deterioration of polarizing plate
3 9,185,031 Routing control system for L3VPN service network
4 9,184,790 Incoherent UWB-IR transceiving method with improved multipath-resistance
5 9,184,690 Electrically driven power steering system and control apparatus for the same
6 9,184,115 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
7 9,184,069 Heating apparatus, substrate processing apparatus employing the same, method of manufacturing semiconductor devices, and insulator
8 9,184,046 Semiconductor device manufacturing and processing methods and apparatuses for forming a film
9 9,184,037 Mass spectrometer and mass analyzing method
10 9,183,959 Cable driven isotope delivery system
11 9,183,622 Image processing apparatus
12 9,183,450 Inspection apparatus
13 9,183,432 People counting device and people trajectory analysis device
14 9,183,217 Method for decompressing data in storage system for write requests that cross compressed data boundaries
15 9,183,178 Onboard device and control method
16 9,183,136 Storage control apparatus and storage control method
17 9,183,096 System and method for enhancing availability of a distributed object storage system during a partial database outage
18 9,183,038 Job management system that determines if master data has been updated, then re-executes a sub-job based on available executing computers and data sharing status
19 9,182,926 Management system calculating storage capacity to be installed/removed
20 9,182,592 Optical filtering device, defect inspection method and apparatus therefor
21 9,182,468 RF reception coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using same
22 9,182,463 Magnetic resonance examination apparatus and antenna device
23 9,182,452 Power supply voltage monitoring circuit, sensor circuit for vehicle, and power steering apparatus
24 9,182,421 Inertia sensor
25 9,182,359 Apparatus and method for inspecting pattern defect
26 9,182,290 Methods and apparatuses for monitoring nuclear reactor core conditions
27 9,182,235 Locus correcting method, locus correcting apparatus, and mobile object equipment
28 9,182,061 Pipe joint
29 9,181,945 Scroll compressor with channels intermittently communicating internal and external compression chambers with back pressure chamber
30 9,181,912 Control device for in-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
31 9,181,822 Variably operated valve system for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and control apparatus for variably operated valve system
32 9,181,807 Blade member and rotary machine
33 9,181,684 Pump control unit for hydraulic system
34 9,181,675 Construction machine
35 9,180,926 Inverted pendulum type moving body having velocity planning device
36 9,180,898 Cart for portable ultrasonic diagnostic device and ultrasonic diagnostic unit
37 9,180,852 Electric booster
38 9,180,841 Disk brake
39 9,179,894 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus