Hitachi patents granted on 10 October 2006

58 US patents granted on 10 October 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D529,936 Slide compound miter saw
2 7,120,912 Computer system for load balance, program and method for setting paths
3 7,120,827 System and method of volume health checking and recovery
4 7,120,770 Data backup system and method for the same
5 7,120,769 Point in time remote copy for multiple sites
6 7,120,768 Snapshot acquisition method, storage system and disk apparatus
7 7,120,767 Snapshot creating method and apparatus
8 7,120,757 Storage management integrated system and storage control method for storage management integrated system
9 7,120,742 Storage system having a plurality of interfaces
10 7,120,741 Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
11 7,120,740 Disk array controller
12 7,120,739 Storage system
13 7,120,738 Storage system having data format conversion function
14 7,120,736 Storage unit and circuit for shaping communication signal
15 7,120,709 Disk-array device having storage-device recognition and indentification of a storage area network link environment
16 7,120,705 Magnetic disk array device with processing offload function module
17 7,120,673 Computer storage system providing virtualized storage
18 7,120,625 Method and apparatus for document information management
19 7,120,478 Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
20 7,120,457 Transmission control method and apparatus for mobile communication system
21 7,120,171 Packet data processing apparatus and packet data processing method
22 7,120,160 Packet switching system
23 7,120,069 Electronic circuit package
24 7,120,029 IC card and method of manufacturing the same
25 7,120,016 Disk array device
26 7,119,997 Spin valve sensor having an antiparallel (AP) self-pinned layer structure comprising cobalt for high magnetostriction
27 7,119,988 Perpendicular magnetic head having modified shaping layer for direct plating of magnetic pole piece
28 7,119,980 System and method for writing secure data to disk
29 7,119,979 Measurement of slider clearance by inducing collision of the slider with disk surface
30 7,119,975 Skew-tolerant Gray code for a moveable object
31 7,119,908 Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of thin film and device manufacturing method using same
32 7,119,871 Liquid crystal display having insulating film overlapping and extending in direction of drain signal line
33 7,119,776 Image display device
34 7,119,766 Display driving method and apparatus
35 7,119,662 Service system, information processing system and interrogator
36 7,119,537 Full track profile derivative method for read and write width measurements of magnetic recording head
37 7,119,479 Display panel device
38 7,119,470 Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
39 7,119,446 Semiconductor device
40 7,119,443 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having a conductive film which contains metal atoms bondable to a halogen element
41 7,119,430 Spacer for mounting a chip package to a substrate
42 7,119,428 Semiconductor device
43 7,119,340 Radiation detector, radiation detector element, and radiation imaging apparatus
44 7,119,027 Method for manufacturing display device that includes supplying solution to the underside of a glass substrate
45 7,118,934 Porous substrate for epitaxial growth, method for manufacturing same, and method for manufacturing III-nitride semiconductor substrate
46 7,118,933 Method for manufacturing optical bench, optical bench, optical module, silicon wafer substrate in which wiring and groove are formed, and wafer
47 7,118,662 Electrophoresis apparatus
48 7,118,441 Method and apparatus for manufacturing plasma display panel
49 7,118,358 Scroll compressor having a back-pressure chamber control valve
50 7,118,290 Ferrule block and optical module using the same
51 7,118,136 Sleeve-type pipe joint
52 7,117,844 Connecting structure between rotary shaft and metal plate and method of connecting therebetween
53 7,117,729 Diagnosis apparatus for fuel vapor purge system and method thereof
54 7,117,728 Misfire detecting apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
55 7,117,727 Misfire detecting apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
56 7,117,677 Gas turbine combustor and operating method thereof
57 7,117,664 Diagnostic equipment for an exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
58 7,117,582 Method of assembling a hard disk drive having a motor bracket tooling hole for inverted motor-to-base merge process