Hitachi patents granted on 11 December 2007

39 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D557,425 Cover ring for a plasma processing apparatus
2 D557,418 Positron emission tomography machine
3 D557,302 Video camera with digital video disc player
4 D557,229 Digital video disc recorder with hard disk recorder
5 D557,228 Television receiver
6 D557,226 Electrode cover for a plasma processing apparatus
7 7,308,615 Heartbeat apparatus via remote mirroring link on multi-site and method of using same
8 7,308,544 Storage control apparatus, storage system, and control method for storage system
9 7,308,534 Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
10 7,308,533 Method for reorganizing additional writing format storage media volume
11 7,308,528 Virtual tape library device
12 7,308,481 Network storage system
13 7,308,479 Mail server, program and mobile terminal synthesizing animation images of selected animation character and feeling expression information
14 7,308,450 Data protection method, authentication method, and program therefor
15 7,308,409 Process for treating perfluorides
16 7,308,113 Method of detecting and measuring a moving object and apparatus therefor, and a recording medium for recording a program for detecting and measuring a moving object
17 7,308,096 Elliptic scalar multiplication system
18 7,307,927 Optical disk apparatus and method for recording and reproducing an optical disk
19 7,307,711 Fluorescence based laser alignment and testing of complex beam delivery systems and lenses
20 7,307,673 Liquid crystal display device, image display device and manufacturing method thereof
21 7,307,612 Liquid crystal display device having drive circuit
22 7,307,603 Driving circuit, driving method, and plasma display device
23 7,307,581 Mounting structure of high-frequency semiconductor apparatus and its production method
24 7,307,421 Magnetic resonance imaging device
25 7,307,313 Semiconductor device including a vertical field effect transistor, having trenches, and a diode
26 7,307,254 Scanning electron microscope
27 7,307,253 Scanning electron microscope
28 7,306,941 Biochemical measuring chip and measuring apparatus
29 7,306,682 Single-crystal Ni-based superalloy with high temperature strength, oxidation resistance and hot corrosion resistance
30 7,306,665 Friction material composition and friction material using the composition
31 7,306,638 Chemical mechanical polishing process for 2.45T CoFeNi structures of thin film magnetic heads
32 7,306,544 Automatic transmission, control apparatus and control system
33 7,306,381 Latching mechanism and electronic module having same
34 7,306,346 Organic electroluminescence display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
35 7,306,048 Hammer drill having switching mechanism for switching operation modes
36 7,306,047 Impact hammer drill
37 7,305,946 Variable valve operating apparatus for internal combustion engine
38 7,305,941 Combustion type power tool having motor suspension arrangement
39 7,305,940 Combustion-type power tool having ignition proof arrangement