Hitachi patents granted on 11 January 2011

55 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D630,751 Console for X-ray computer tomography scanner
2 D630,667 Lamp for projector
3 D630,649 Graphical user interface for a computer display
4 D630,648 Graphical user interface for a computer display
5 D630,645 Graphical user interface for a computer display
6 7,870,428 Method of diagnosing circuit board, circuit board, and CPU unit
7 7,870,423 Data processing system and copy processing method thereof
8 7,870,409 Power efficient data storage with data de-duplication
9 7,870,405 Method of controlling power consumption of a memory according to mapping
10 7,870,402 Control method of storage system, storage system, and storage apparatus
11 7,870,338 Flushing cached data upon power interruption
12 7,870,191 Computing system and method of changing I/O configuration thereof
13 7,870,154 Method and apparatus for NAS/CAS unified storage system
14 7,870,105 Methods and apparatus for deduplication in storage system
15 7,870,104 Storage system and storage device archive control method
16 7,870,094 Method and system for continuous data protection
17 7,870,093 Storage subsystem
18 7,869,969 Defect review apparatus and method of reviewing defects
19 7,869,966 Inspection method and its apparatus, inspection system
20 7,869,931 Engine controller
21 7,869,687 Channel switching system and method of IPTV service in passive optical network
22 7,869,601 Authentication method of ad hoc network and wireless communication terminal thereof
23 7,869,557 Method of stress corrosion cracking mitigating for nuclear power plant structural materials
24 7,869,441 Variable length packet communication device
25 7,869,429 Packet relaying apparatus with payload reconstruction function
26 7,869,333 Optical disc apparatus and optical disc reproducing method
27 7,869,321 Optical disk device and optical disk discriminating method
28 7,869,317 Multi-layer optical disc, and recording method and apparatus for multi-layer optical disc
29 7,869,311 Built-in type optical disc apparatus
30 7,869,232 Electric power converter suppressing output voltage variation due to input voltage fluctuation
31 7,869,159 Apparatus and method for reducing turbulence of airflow in a hard disk drive
32 7,869,157 Magnetic disk drive having dual actuator
33 7,869,154 Magnetic tape driving apparatus
34 7,869,152 Techniques for identifying servo sectors in storage devices
35 7,869,025 Optical inspection method and optical inspection system
36 7,869,024 Method and its apparatus for inspecting defects
37 7,868,959 Liquid crystal display device having common electrodes formed over the main face of an insulating substrate and made of a coating type electroconductive film inside a bank to regulate the edges thereof
38 7,868,860 Liquid crystal display device
39 7,868,852 Method of driving a plasma display apparatus to suppress background light emission
40 7,868,618 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
41 7,868,614 Magnetic resonance system and method
42 7,868,323 Thin film transistor device, image display device and manufacturing method thereof
43 7,867,881 Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor substrate
44 7,867,644 Secondary battery and secondary battery manufacturing method
45 7,867,406 Patterned magnetic media having an exchange bridge structure connecting islands
46 7,867,343 Rare earth magnet and method for production thereof
47 7,867,303 Cerium oxide abrasive and method of polishing substrates
48 7,866,531 Multi-sheet structures and method for manufacturing same
49 7,866,434 Steering apparatus
50 7,866,306 Control apparatus of EGR control valve
51 7,866,298 Butterfly valve device
52 7,866,240 Miter saw having cut angle display device
53 7,866,166 Method for improving residual stress in pipe and apparatus
54 7,866,155 Master cylinder and method of manufacturing the same
55 7,866,051 Portable cutting tool