Hitachi patents granted on 11 October 2011

96 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D646,797 Organizer for liquid chromatograph analyzer
2 8,037,488 Optical pickup device
3 8,037,394 Techniques for generating bit reliability information in a post-processor using an error correction constraint
4 8,037,393 Techniques for generating bit reliability information in the post processor
5 8,037,384 Semiconductor device
6 8,037,362 Storage system that finds occurrence of power source failure
7 8,037,344 Method and apparatus for managing virtual ports on storage systems
8 8,037,276 Computer system, storage area allocation method, and management computer
9 8,037,274 Apparatus for supporting creation of access path from host to logical volume
10 8,037,273 Storage system logical storage area allocating method and computer system
11 8,037,268 Storage system and operation method thereof
12 8,037,267 Remote copy system and remote site power saving method
13 8,037,265 Storage system and data management method
14 8,037,263 Control device of a storage system comprising storage devices of a plurality of types
15 8,037,260 Method and apparatus for a unified storage system
16 8,037,257 Storage system and path management method for multi-host environment
17 8,037,246 Storage system and storage management system
18 8,037,245 Storage system
19 8,037,244 Storage apparatus and data storage method using the same
20 8,037,242 Contents delivery system using cache and data replication
21 8,037,239 Storage controller
22 8,037,170 Integrated application management system, apparatus and program, and integrated session management server, system, program and server chassis, and communication system, session management server and integration application server
23 8,037,161 Network system, network device, and network belonging judgment method
24 8,037,111 Storage system and a file layer management method
25 8,037,027 Computer system for hierarchically managing a journal and method therefor
26 8,036,898 Conversational speech analysis method, and conversational speech analyzer
27 8,036,883 Electronic device and a system using the same
28 8,036,845 Method of correcting coordinates, and defect review apparatus
29 8,036,806 Variable valve actuation system of internal combustion engine and control apparatus of internal combustion engine
30 8,036,780 Flow controller and test method therefor, and flow control method
31 8,036,775 Obstacle avoidance system for a user guided mobile robot
32 8,036,673 Status notification method in wireless communication apparatus
33 8,036,662 Method and apparatus for performing handoff in mobile network communication by immediately terminating a connection before changing the point of attachment to save network resources
34 8,036,652 Radio access point testing apparatus
35 8,036,607 Wireless terminal and wireless base station
36 8,036,533 Optical transmitter/receiver module
37 8,036,532 Passive optical network system, optical line terminal, and optical network unit
38 8,036,511 Resin composition for optical material, resin film for optical material, and optical waveguide
39 8,036,447 Inspection apparatus for inspecting patterns of a substrate
40 8,036,363 Communication terminal apparatus, communication method, and recording medium for establishing communications with a plurality of persons in a plurality of communication manners
41 8,036,272 Moving picture encoding method and decoding method
42 8,036,238 Information processing system and access method
43 8,036,182 Communication system and communication control equipment
44 8,036,167 Multiple wireless local area networks for reliable video streaming
45 8,036,148 High-frequency circuit, high-frequency device and communications apparatus
46 8,036,091 Optical pick-up and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
47 8,036,090 Optical pickup device
48 8,036,076 Method of reducing storage power consumption by use of prefetch and computer system using the same
49 8,036,003 Switching power supply device and electrical apparatus using the same
50 8,035,989 Electronic device chassis and canister
51 8,035,988 Method and device for repeatable shorting and unshorting of micro-electrical circuits
52 8,035,932 Lorentz magnetoresistive sensor with integrated signal amplification
53 8,035,929 Magnetic head assembly and magnetic tape driving apparatus
54 8,035,927 EMR magnetic sensor having its active quantum well layer extending beyond an over-lying semiconductor layer end with tab and lead structure for improved electrical contact
55 8,035,923 Data storage device
56 8,035,922 Write head with integrated coil and shield structure
57 8,035,915 Magnetic disk drive having circuit board apertures fitted with protrusions to achieve efficient layout of circuit elements
58 8,035,808 Surface defect inspection method and apparatus
59 8,035,786 Liquid crystal display device
60 8,035,780 Liquid crystal display device
61 8,035,663 Image display device
62 8,035,601 Image display device
63 8,035,593 Display device
64 8,035,578 White balance correction circuit and correction method for display apparatus that display color image by controlling number of emissions or intensity thereof in accordance with plurality of primary color video signals
65 8,035,524 RFID tag mounting package and manufacturing method thereof
66 8,035,522 RFID tag
67 8,035,444 Amplifier apparatus
68 8,035,386 NMR probe with magnetic field irradiating coil and NMR signal receiving coil
69 8,035,383 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and RF coil for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
70 8,035,350 Battery charger
71 8,035,330 Apparatus and method for driving synchronous motor
72 8,035,281 Physical quantity detecting sensor and actuator
73 8,035,272 Carbon brush with raw graphite particles
74 8,035,147 Semiconductor device
75 8,035,086 Aberration correction apparatus that corrects spherical aberration of charged particle apparatus
76 8,035,071 Contamination-inspecting apparatus and detection circuit
77 8,035,058 Apparatus for repairing circuit pattern and method for manufacturing display apparatus using the same
78 8,035,054 Vacuum insulated switchgear
79 8,034,717 Mass production method of semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of electronic device
80 8,034,659 Production method of semiconductor device and bonding film
81 8,034,545 Radiation curable composition, storing method thereof, forming method of cured film, patterning method, use of pattern, electronic components and optical waveguide
82 8,034,529 Photosensitive resin composition and photosensitive element
83 8,034,427 Friction material composition and friction material produced therewith
84 8,034,277 Method and apparatus for pattern transfer, and annular recording medium
85 8,034,217 Liquid condensation system
86 8,034,207 Printing method and a printing apparatus
87 8,034,181 Plasma processing apparatus
88 8,033,796 Motor-mounted internal gear pump and manufacturing method thereof and electronic equipment
89 8,033,783 Diagonal flow fan
90 8,033,770 Vacuum processing apparatus
91 8,033,714 Fluid mixing apparatus
92 8,033,614 Transporter vehicle
93 8,033,267 Control apparatus for an engine
94 8,033,266 Throttle valve controller for internal combustion engine
95 8,033,255 Engine system
96 8,033,182 Capacitive sensor for morphological discrimination of a motor vehicle seat occupant