Hitachi patents granted on 11 September 2007

58 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,269,852 Authenticity output method and its apparatus, and processing program
2 7,269,798 Information processing apparatus for project management and its computer software
3 7,269,743 Method and apparatus for secure data mirroring a storage system
4 7,269,703 Data-migration method
5 7,269,690 Disk array device and data processing method thereof
6 7,269,674 Disk array apparatus
7 7,269,667 Disk array system and method for migrating from one storage system to another
8 7,269,662 Method for data distribution
9 7,269,646 Method for coupling storage devices of cluster storage
10 7,269,635 File transfer system for secure remote file accesses
11 7,269,611 Storage system and storage system control method
12 7,269,589 Database managing method and system having data backup function and associated programs
13 7,269,586 Patient rule induction method on large disk resident data sets and parallelization thereof
14 7,269,574 Method for supporting the orders received of transformer
15 7,269,565 Storage operational system and method of providing the storage rental service
16 7,269,526 Aggregated run-to-run process control for wafer yield optimization
17 7,269,492 Control system
18 7,269,487 Method for train positioning
19 7,269,463 Plant operating apparatus and method
20 7,269,287 Method and apparatus for measuring dimension using electron microscope
21 7,269,280 Method and its apparatus for inspecting a pattern
22 7,269,242 X-ray CT apparatus
23 7,269,203 Receiver for receiving a spectrum dispersion signal
24 7,269,112 Information recording apparatus
25 7,269,006 Storage device, and storage part and dummy unit for storage device
26 7,268,986 Double tunnel junction using self-pinned center ferromagnet
27 7,268,985 Magnetic head having a layered hard bias layer exhibiting reduced noise
28 7,268,982 Current perpendicular to plane (CPP) GMR structure having vanadium doped, AP coupled, multi-layered pinned structure
29 7,268,981 Spin valve sensor having antiferromagnetic (AFM) pinning layer structures formed in the end regions
30 7,268,980 Magnetic head having self-pinned CPP sensor with multilayer pinned layer
31 7,268,979 Head with thin AFM with high positive magnetostrictive pinned layer
32 7,268,977 Capping layers with high compressive stress for spin valve sensors
33 7,268,976 Magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,268,974 Magnetic write head having a notched yoke structure with a trailing shield and method of making the same
35 7,268,973 Perpendicular magnetic head having thermally assisted recording element
36 7,268,969 Repeatable timing mark position error correction in self-servowrite
37 7,268,968 Vibration suppression for servo control
38 7,268,966 System and method for adjusting fly heights in a hard disk drive having multiple heads
39 7,268,965 Method of manufacturing an apparatus and a method for estimating the flyheight of an airbearing slider in a storage device
40 7,268,964 Storage apparatus and control method therefor
41 7,268,963 Self-servo-writing multi-slot timing pattern
42 7,268,760 Emissive display using organic electroluminescent devices
43 7,268,707 Coding device and decoding device
44 7,268,664 Remote control system, on-vehicle equipment and remote control method
45 7,268,443 Wind turbine generator system
46 7,268,408 Wiring board, method for manufacturing wiring board and electronic component using wiring board
47 7,268,356 Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
48 7,268,301 Lid of fuel tank
49 7,267,896 Magnetic tape and magnetic tape cartridge
50 7,267,894 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus
51 7,267,764 Apparatus for removing nitrogen
52 7,267,757 Magnetic head utilizing a CoNiFe alloy with 60-80 weight percent Fe and method for production therefor
53 7,267,604 Grinding abrasive grains, abrasive, abrasive solution, abrasive solution preparation method, grinding method, and semiconductor device fabrication method
54 7,267,100 Controller of internal combustion engine
55 7,266,942 Diagnostic device and method of engine exhaust purifying system
56 RE39,824 Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method with wafers, substrates and/or semiconductors
57 RE39,823 Vacuum processing operating method with wafers, substrates and/or semiconductors
58 D550,721 Air compressor