Hitachi patents granted on 12 August 2008

40 US patents granted on 12 August 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,412,585 Method for controlling disk drive using an address translation table
2 7,412,578 Snapshot creating method and apparatus
3 7,412,576 Remote copy system having multiple data centers
4 7,412,573 Storage device and device changeover control method for storage devices
5 7,412,543 Method for controlling storage system, and storage control apparatus
6 7,412,509 Control system computer, method, and program for monitoring the operational state of a system
7 7,412,506 Storage network system, managing apparatus managing method and program
8 7,412,504 Storage network system, managing apparatus managing method and program
9 7,412,137 Optical power monitor
10 7,412,112 Image generation apparatus, image generation system and image synthesis method
11 7,411,947 Storage system, computer system and interface module
12 7,411,856 Semiconductor device with improved power supply arrangement
13 7,411,855 Semiconductor device with improved power supply arrangement
14 7,411,787 Storage control device
15 7,411,765 CPP-GMR sensor with non-orthogonal free and reference layer magnetization orientation
16 7,411,760 System and method for correcting for head tilt in HDD
17 7,411,757 Disk drive with nonvolatile memory having multiple modes of operation
18 7,411,754 System and method for measuring readback signal amplitude asymmetry in a perpendicular magnetic recording disk drive
19 7,411,743 Multi-wavelength lens, and optical system, optical head and optical disc apparatus using the lens
20 7,411,684 Film thickness measuring method of member to be processed using emission spectroscopy and processing method of the member using the measuring method
21 7,411,647 Liquid crystal display device having particular pixel region
22 7,411,557 Antenna device and radio communication terminal
23 7,411,553 Planar antenna module, triple plate planar, array antenna, and triple plate feeder-waveguide converter
24 7,411,302 Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and designing the same
25 7,411,294 Display device having misalignment detection pattern for detecting misalignment between conductive layer and insulating layer
26 7,411,260 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
27 7,411,207 Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
28 7,411,192 Focused ion beam apparatus and focused ion beam irradiation method
29 7,411,190 Inspection system, inspection method, and process management method
30 7,410,727 Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
31 7,410,573 Waste water purification apparatus and waste water purification method including the regeneration of used coagulant
32 7,410,409 Abrasive compound for CMP, method for polishing substrate and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same, and additive for CMP abrasive compound
33 7,410,346 Oil pump
34 7,410,264 Image display apparatus forming optical image by irradiating light from light source onto image display element
35 7,410,112 Single-reel type tape cartridge, and tape drive
36 7,409,937 Hydraulic control system for internal combustion engine
37 7,409,936 Cam angle detecting apparatus, and cam phase detecting apparatus for internal combustion engine and cam phase detecting method thereof
38 7,409,859 Thermal type flow measuring apparatus
39 7,409,832 Gas turbine power generator plant with mutually independent cooling air channels from intake to exhaust
40 7,409,756 Method of locating and removing a fastener from a workpiece