Hitachi patents granted on 12 February 2008

36 US patents granted on 12 February 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D561,803 Video camera with recorder and player
2 D561,802 Video camera with recorder and player
3 7,331,000 Apparatus and storage system for controlling acquisition of snapshot
4 7,330,957 User-based allocation and deallocation of storage in a storage system
5 7,330,950 Storage device
6 7,330,949 Terminal for use in a system interfacing with storage media
7 7,330,948 Method for remote copy pair migration
8 7,330,946 Data processing system
9 7,330,945 Recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defective areas of recording medium
10 7,330,932 Disk array with spare logic drive created from space physical drives
11 7,330,909 External storage subsystem
12 7,330,861 Remote copying system and method of controlling remote copying
13 7,330,745 Living body photometric device
14 7,330,637 Recording device
15 7,330,630 Waveguide type variable optical attenuator
16 7,330,515 Method and apparatus capable of restricting resending operation
17 7,330,470 Router and sip server
18 7,330,346 Etching apparatus, method for measuring self-bias voltage, and method for monitoring etching apparatus
19 7,330,340 Magnetoresistive sensor with free layer bias adjustment capability
20 7,330,339 Structure providing enhanced self-pinning for CPP GMR and tunnel valve heads
21 7,330,336 Dual polarity bias for prolonging the life of a heating element in magnetic data storage devices
22 7,330,334 Magnetic disk apparatus with shroud and having open space downstream of moveable arms in communication with bypass channel
23 7,330,324 Magnetic disk drive having a function for using a thermal protrusion amount for flying height management and an inspection device having such a function
24 7,330,248 Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
25 7,330,006 Power tool
26 7,329,967 Electronic control unit for car
27 7,329,889 Electron beam apparatus and method with surface height calculator and a dual projection optical unit
28 7,329,883 Electron beam lithography device and drawing method using electron beams
29 7,329,873 Coincidence counting method of .gamma. ray and nuclear medicine diagnostic apparatus
30 7,329,868 Charged particle beam apparatus
31 7,329,862 Mass spectrometer
32 7,329,369 Semiconductor nanoparticle surface modification method
33 7,329,362 Dual angle milling for current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor definition
34 7,329,005 Method and system for a beam projector having an audio capability device
35 7,328,662 Platform gate door device
36 7,328,494 Driving tool having piston and driver blade