Hitachi patents granted on 12 February 2013

37 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,375,403 Optical disc device
2 8,375,235 Storage system
3 8,375,168 Method and system of collection performance data for storage network
4 8,375,148 Computer system, device sharing method, and device sharing program
5 8,375,111 Method and apparatus for HBA migration
6 8,375,074 Device and program for ciphering data
7 8,375,004 Asynchronous remote copy system and storage control method
8 8,375,002 Storage system, NAS server and snapshot acquisition method
9 8,375,000 Remote copy system
10 8,374,761 Driving force distribution control method and device for four wheel drive vehicle
11 8,374,708 Control apparatus for a system of monitoring and controlling a plant including simulated data mass setting and cancelling means
12 8,374,672 Biomagnetic field measurement apparatus capable of exact positioning
13 8,374,504 Optical communication system
14 8,374,503 Passive optical network system and optical line terminal
15 8,374,501 Optical line terminal and optical line transmission and reception system
16 8,374,470 Structure comprising opto-electric hybrid board and opto-electric package
17 8,374,066 Optical pickup
18 8,373,992 Transmission/reception optical module
19 8,373,948 Tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) structures with MGO barrier and methods of making same
20 8,373,943 Magnetic head having a multilayer magnetic film and method for producing the same
21 8,373,940 Magnetic head having a facing electrode pair for generating an electromagnetic field and applying energy to the magnetic recording layer
22 8,373,808 Liquid crystal parallax barrier, display device and liquid crystal display device
23 8,373,636 Driving method for display device
24 8,373,622 Method for driving a plasma display panel
25 8,373,528 Magnetic field control method and magnetic field generator
26 8,373,326 Axial gap motor, compressor, motor system, and power generator
27 8,373,300 Power conversion apparatus and electric vehicle
28 8,373,283 Adhesive composition, film-like adhesive, adhesive sheet and semiconductor device
29 8,373,113 Calibration standard member, method for manufacturing the member and scanning electronic microscope using the member
30 8,373,082 Vacuum insulated switchgear
31 8,372,363 Method of mercury removal from combustion exhaust gas and combustion exhaust gas purification apparatus
32 8,372,217 Iron-based high saturation magnetic induction amorphous alloy core having low core and low audible noise
33 8,371,515 Electro-magneto fuel injector
34 8,371,125 Burner and gas turbine combustor
35 8,371,117 Torque control apparatus for construction machine three-pump system
36 8,371,034 Dust collection cover attachable to cutter
37 8,371,019 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write pole having straight side walls and a well defined track-width