Hitachi patents granted on 12 January 2016

26 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D747,487 Filter sheet for a cell collecting cartridge
2 D747,279 Boat for substrate processing apparatus
3 D747,227 Thermogravimetric analyzer
4 9,236,907 Laminate-type electronic device with filter and balun
5 9,236,818 Drive device and drive method for brushless motor
6 9,236,590 Electric storage module and electric storage device
7 9,236,588 Battery pack and power tool provided with the same
8 9,236,246 Substrate processing apparatus and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
9 9,236,242 Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
10 9,236,220 Electronic microscope, setting method of observation condition of electronic microscope, and observation method using electronic microscope
11 9,236,217 Inspection or observation apparatus and sample inspection or observation method
12 9,235,895 Method for estimating direction of person standing still
13 9,235,581 Data configuration and migration in a cluster system
14 9,235,354 Storage network system and its control method
15 9,235,353 Storage apparatus and management method including determination of migration of data from one storage area to another based on access frequency
16 9,235,121 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive film, permanent resist and method for producing permanent resist
17 9,234,861 Electrode for electrochemical measurement, electrolysis cell for electrochemical measurement, analyzer for electrochemical measurement, and methods for producing same
18 9,234,579 Control device and control method for vehicular electric oil pump
19 9,234,559 Joined body, shock absorber, and method for manufacturing shock absorber
20 9,234,558 Shock absorber
21 9,234,545 Bearing
22 9,234,440 Structure for gas turbine casing
23 9,234,277 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
24 9,234,263 Weldment
25 9,233,532 Inkjet recording device and printing control method of same
26 9,233,437 Forming body for sealing an object to be welded, more particularly a pipe