Hitachi patents granted on 12 June 2012

61 US patents granted on 12 June 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,201,061 Decoding error correction codes using a modular single recursion implementation
2 8,201,022 Method and system for data processing with high availability
3 8,200,995 Information processing system and power-save control method for use in the system
4 8,200,965 Storage system for data encryption
5 8,200,934 Data transfer unit in multi-core processor
6 8,200,928 Storage system and remote copy control method for storage system
7 8,200,927 Data backup management system, computer system, and program recording medium
8 8,200,898 Storage apparatus and method for controlling the same
9 8,200,897 Storage system and data management method
10 8,200,893 Storage system and storage management method for controlling off-line mode and on-line of flash memory
11 8,200,876 Terminal apparatus and method for controlling processing of an interrupt event
12 8,200,817 Storage management method and server
13 8,200,523 Procedure generation apparatus and method
14 8,200,069 Data indicating method, reproducing device, recording device
15 8,200,059 Adhesive composition for optical waveguide, adhesive film for optical waveguide and adhesive sheet for optical waveguide each using the same, and optical device using any of them
16 8,200,024 Image monitoring system
17 8,200,006 Image processing apparatus for analysis of pattern matching failure
18 8,199,976 Image-processing camera system and image-processing camera control method
19 8,199,675 Packet processing device by multiple processor cores and packet processing method by the same
20 8,199,624 Optical disc, optical disc unit and method of controlling the optical disc unit
21 8,199,613 Objective lens actuator and a thin-sized optical pickup with magnetic circuit having different lengthed magnets
22 8,199,596 Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of sense amplifier circuits
23 8,199,553 Multilevel frequency addressable field driven MRAM
24 8,199,549 Semiconductor device
25 8,199,530 Power supply unit, hard disk drive and method of switching the power supply unit
26 8,199,504 Cooling system for electronic equipment
27 8,199,430 Tape device having a tape cleaning structure
28 8,199,427 Disk drive including a shroud configured to overlap an actuator for removing debris from a head-slider
29 8,199,426 Method and system for providing hard disk shrouds with aerodynamic fences for suppressing flow induced disk excitation
30 8,199,282 Wire grid polarized and liquid crystal display device using the same
31 8,199,277 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
32 8,199,269 Method for manufacturing thin film transistors
33 8,199,191 Electron microscope for inspecting dimension and shape of a pattern formed on a wafer
34 8,199,127 Display panel
35 8,198,973 Transformer
36 8,198,897 Superconductive magnetic device, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic field inhomogeneity compensation method
37 8,198,894 High frequency magnetic field coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with the same
38 8,198,847 Brushless motor system
39 8,198,835 Cordless power tool and battery device used for same
40 8,198,804 Display device
41 8,198,782 Ultrasonic transducer and manufacturing method thereof
42 8,198,775 Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
43 8,198,418 Nucleoside triphosphate derivative, nucleic acid probe, multilabeled nucleic acid probe, method for production of multilabeled nucleic acid probe, and method for detection of target nucleic acid
44 8,198,392 Polymer producing method and apparatus and polymer degassing method and apparatus
45 8,198,176 Method for producing semiconductor chip with adhesive film, adhesive film for semiconductor used in the method, and method for producing semiconductor device
46 8,198,008 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, method for forming resist pattern and method for producing printed wiring board
47 8,197,987 Separator for fuel cell
48 8,197,954 Battery pack
49 8,197,754 Sample dispensing apparatus and automatic analyzer including the same
50 8,197,752 Managing system and method for emissions of environmental pollutants
51 8,197,751 Apparatus for chemiluminescent assay and detection
52 8,197,704 Plasma processing apparatus and method for operating the same
53 8,197,638 Semiconductor manufacturing device and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
54 8,197,635 Plasma processing apparatus including etching processing apparatus and ashing processing apparatus and plasma processing method using plasma processing apparatus
55 8,197,634 Plasma processing apparatus
56 8,197,411 Reference deformable body, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, and ultrasonic diagnostic method
57 8,197,238 Pump apparatus
58 8,197,225 Jet pump slip joint clamps and methods of using the same
59 8,196,601 Thermal flow sensor with zero drift compensation
60 8,196,414 Twin-shaft gas turbine including a control system for adjusting the compressor inlet guide vane angle to optimize engine transient response
61 8,196,284 Manufacturing method of base and manufacturing method of disk drive device