Hitachi patents granted on 12 October 2010

51 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE41,817 Method for driving a gas-discharge panel
2 D625,416 X-ray computed tomography scanner
3 D625,407 Automatic urine accumulator
4 D625,231 Anchor bracket for a disc brake
5 7,814,563 Recording/playback system for medium compliant to copy control
6 7,814,363 Virtual computer system and control method thereof
7 7,814,289 Virtualization system and area allocation control method
8 7,814,270 Storage systems and methods of controlling cache memory of storage systems
9 7,814,241 Storage system with free ports where logical connections via physical paths connecting free ports are controlled
10 7,814,224 Information processor deactivates communication processing function without passing interrupt request for processing when detecting traffic inbound is in over-traffic state
11 7,814,223 Packet communication device, packet communication system, packet communication system, packet communication module, data processor, and data transfer system
12 7,814,119 Control of data linkability
13 7,813,975 System and method for processing account data
14 7,813,852 System mounted on a vehicle, vehicle, diagnosis information collecting device and navigation device
15 7,813,828 Substrate processing system and group management system
16 7,813,819 Control system for control subject having combustion unit and control system for plant having boiler
17 7,813,655 Signal waveform deterioration compensator
18 7,813,539 Method and apparatus for analyzing defect data and a review system
19 7,813,471 X-ray CT apparatus
20 7,813,386 Optical fiber for an optical fiber laser, method for fabricating the same, and optical fiber laser
21 7,813,299 Session control system for hierarchical relaying processes
22 7,813,258 Optical information recording medium and optical information reproducing method
23 7,813,232 Disc drive
24 7,813,156 Semiconductor device
25 7,813,127 Receiver apparatus
26 7,813,109 Switchgear
27 7,813,090 DC switchgear provided with a commutation-type DC circuit breaker
28 7,813,081 Magnetic tape cartridge with write protect member movable to irreversibly retaining position
29 7,813,080 Enhanced planarization liftoff structure and method for making the same
30 7,813,079 Thin film perpendicular magnetic recording head, their fabrication process and magnetic disk drive using it
31 7,813,075 System, method and apparatus for performing metrology on patterned media disks with test pattern areas
32 7,813,074 Magnetic disk protection mechanism, computer system comprising protection mechanism, protection method for magnetic disk, and program for protection method
33 7,813,071 Thermally assisted recording system
34 7,812,934 Physical quantity measuring apparatus
35 7,812,917 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
36 7,812,913 Display device
37 7,812,905 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
38 7,812,614 Electron capture detector and nonradiative electron capture detector
39 7,812,575 Bidirectional DC-DC converter and power supply apparatus with the same
40 7,812,515 Light-emitting element and display device using same
41 7,812,443 Power semiconductor module for inverter circuit system
42 7,812,398 Semiconductor device including a P-type field-effect transistor
43 7,812,310 Charged particle beam apparatus and specimen holder
44 7,812,258 Flex cable with biased neutral axis
45 7,811,910 Manufacturing method of display device
46 7,811,451 Separation column and liquid chromatograph using the same
47 7,811,392 Suppression method of radionuclide deposition on reactor component of nuclear power plant and ferrite film formation apparatus
48 7,811,203 Walker behavior detection apparatus
49 7,810,620 Bracket mounting structure and bracket mounting method
50 7,810,619 Fluid-pressure shock absorber
51 7,810,417 Method for estimating self-vibration of milling tool in the operating process