Hitachi patents granted on 13 December 2016

38 US patents granted on 13 December 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D774,075 Display screen with graphical user interface
2 D774,074 Display screen with graphical user interface
3 D774,048 Display screen with graphical user interface
4 D774,047 Display screen with graphical user interface
5 D774,046 Display screen with graphical user interface
6 D774,045 Display screen with graphical user interface
7 9,521,417 Video encoding device using predicted motion vector for blocks of different size
8 9,521,372 Pattern measuring apparatus, pattern measuring method, and computer-readable recording medium on which a pattern measuring program is recorded
9 9,521,095 Transport system and transport apparatus
10 9,521,092 Transport system and transport method
11 9,521,091 Relay system and switching device
12 9,521,056 Communication system
13 9,520,757 Dual-shaft gas turbine power generation system, and control device and control method for gas turbine system
14 9,520,735 Storage battery control system and storage battery control method
15 9,520,699 Switchgear
16 9,520,629 Phase-shift circuit and antenna device
17 9,520,529 Composition for forming P-type diffusion layer, method of forming P-type diffusion layer, and method of producing photovoltaic cell
18 9,520,282 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
19 9,520,266 Pattern critical dimension measurement equipment and method for measuring pattern critical dimension
20 9,520,152 Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
21 9,519,554 Storage system with rebuild operations
22 9,519,205 Projection image display device
23 9,519,204 Light source apparatus used in a projection type image display apparatus
24 9,519,109 Substrate with lens and production method therefor, and optical waveguide with lens
25 9,519,067 Radioactive gas measurement apparatus and failed fuel inspection apparatus
26 9,519,027 Battery monitoring device and battery system monitoring device
27 9,518,957 Magnetic signal measuring apparatus and magnetic signal measuring method
28 9,518,593 Hydraulic drive system for construction machine
29 9,518,587 Air compressor
30 9,518,580 Scroll type fluid machine
31 9,518,484 Variable displacement pump
32 9,518,321 Atomic layer deposition processing apparatus to reduce heat energy conduction
33 9,518,312 Al–Mg–Si-based, casting aluminum alloy with excellent yield strength and cast member made thereof
34 9,517,766 Parking assistance device and parking assistance device control method
35 9,517,477 Centrifuge and centrifuge operation information collecting system
36 9,517,476 Centrifuge with acceleration and deceleration time display
37 9,517,475 Centrifuge with overlapping metal plate
38 9,517,039 X-ray measurement assisting tool