Hitachi patents granted on 13 March 2012

52 US patents granted on 13 March 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D655,823 Aliquot module for clinical laboratory automation system
2 D655,822 Centrifuge module for clinical laboratory automation system
3 D655,710 Computer display with a graphical user interface
4 D655,682 Boat of wafer processing apparatus
5 8,136,128 Optical disc apparatus
6 8,136,116 Device allocation utilizing job information, storage system with a spin control function, and computer thereof
7 8,135,986 Computer system, managing computer and recovery management method
8 8,135,969 Storage apparatus and disk device control method
9 8,135,967 Storage system
10 8,135,908 Storage system, data transfer method, and program
11 8,135,905 Storage system and power consumption reduction method for switching on/off the power of disk devices associated with logical units in groups configured from the logical units
12 8,135,882 Apparatus and managing method using a preset policy based on an invalidated I/O path by using configuration information acquired from storage system
13 8,135,782 Electronic apparatus, presence communication system, and computer-readable recording medium
14 8,135,764 Configuration management server, name recognition method and name recognition program
15 8,135,677 File management system and method
16 8,135,671 Data replication among storage systems
17 8,135,653 Power plant control device which uses a model, a learning signal, a correction signal, and a manipulation signal
18 8,135,336 Repeater and follow-up notification method after broadcast communication thereof
19 8,135,089 Digital transmission apparatus
20 8,135,070 Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
21 8,135,004 Multi-plane cell switch fabric system
22 8,134,972 Communication system and gateway apparatus
23 8,134,905 Information storage device and storage media
24 8,134,902 Optical disc drive apparatus and its control method
25 8,134,804 Micro electro mechanical system and head gimbal assembly
26 8,134,795 Using an atmospheric pressure sensor in a hard-disk drive (HDD)
27 8,134,701 Defect inspecting method and apparatus
28 8,134,697 Inspection apparatus for inspecting patterns of substrate
29 8,134,673 Liquid crystal display device having rectangular-shaped pixel electrodes overlapping with comb-shaped counter electrodes in plan view
30 8,134,667 Liquid crystal display device
31 8,134,665 Polarizer and liquid-crystal display apparatus having reduced polarization state in oblique viewing angles
32 8,134,664 Liquid crystal display device
33 8,134,658 Liquid crystal display module
34 8,134,614 Image processing apparatus for detecting an image using object recognition
35 8,134,530 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
36 8,134,524 Organic electroluminescent light emitting display device
37 8,134,433 Superconducting magnet apparatus
38 8,134,422 Non-reciprocal circuit device
39 8,134,367 Irradiating coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
40 8,134,269 Electric motor
41 8,134,207 High breakdown voltage semiconductor circuit device
42 8,134,131 Method and apparatus for observing inside structures, and specimen holder
43 8,134,125 Method and apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
44 8,133,833 Slurry for production of denitration catalyst, process for producing the slurry, process for producing denitration catalyst using the slurry, and denitration catalyst produced by the process
45 8,133,820 Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
46 8,133,530 One magnetic sided media for low cost and low capacity applications
47 8,133,427 Photo nanoimprint lithography
48 8,133,418 Pattern transfer method and imprint device
49 8,132,505 Imprint apparatus and imprint method
50 8,132,462 Ultrasonographic device
51 8,132,448 Steam turbine test facility, low-load test method, and load dump test method
52 8,132,319 Circuit connecting method