Hitachi patents granted on 13 May 2008

73 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,373,670 Method and apparatus for setting access restriction information
2 7,373,649 Disk cartridge
3 7,373,501 System and method for on-line diagnostics
4 7,373,496 Operating system rebooting apparatus for continuing to execute a non-stop module even during rebooting
5 7,373,477 Fragmentation executing method and storage device
6 7,373,476 System and method for configuration management of storage system
7 7,373,474 Storage system, configuration management method, and program
8 7,373,470 Remote copy control in a storage system
9 7,373,469 Data migration method
10 7,373,465 Data processing system configuring and transmitting access request frames with a field in channel command words to accommendate a plurality of logical device address data therein
11 7,373,460 Media drive and command execution method thereof
12 7,373,459 Congestion control and avoidance method in a data processing system
13 7,373,456 Disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus controlling method
14 7,373,455 Storage system and storage system control method in which storage areas can be added as needed
15 7,373,436 Storage control device and method for management of storage control device
16 7,373,393 File system
17 7,373,390 Disk subsystems and their integrated system
18 7,373,208 Control apparatus and control method
19 7,373,114 Signal transmission circuit, signal output circuit and termination method of signal transmission circuit
20 7,373,066 Optical waveguide device and multiple optical waveguide device
21 7,373,064 Polymeric optical waveguide film
22 7,373,061 Laser energy transmission optical fiber, laser energy transmission method and laser energy transmission device
23 7,373,029 Optical fiber impulse sensor fabricating method
24 7,372,962 Storage system executing encryption and decryption processing
25 7,372,807 Method and apparatus for multiplex transmission
26 7,372,741 Nonvolatile memory apparatus having a processor and plural memories one or more of which is a nonvolatile memory having circuitry which performs an erase operation and an erase verify operation when the processor specifies the erase operation mode to the nonvolatile memory
27 7,372,683 Over voltage detection circuit, and power source circuit, power supply system and electronic apparatus using the over voltage detection circuit
28 7,372,674 Magnetic tunnel transistor with high magnetocurrent and stronger pinning
29 7,372,669 Magnetic disk drive, wiring connection structure and terminal structure
30 7,372,656 disk drive with side erase control
31 7,372,654 Noise reduction system, disk storage unit, hard disk drive and noise reduction method
32 7,372,653 Degauss waveform generator for perpendicular recording write head
33 7,372,632 Apparatus and methods for the inspection of microvias in printed circuit boards
34 7,372,582 Method for fabrication semiconductor device
35 7,372,561 Method and apparatus for inspecting defects and a system for inspecting defects
36 7,372,520 Liquid crystal display device with plural linear light sources having different lengths
37 7,372,514 Active matrix type display device having antistatic lines used as repair lines
38 7,372,478 Pattern exposure method and pattern exposure apparatus
39 7,372,417 Wideband antenna
40 7,372,395 Ground-speed measuring apparatus
41 7,372,330 Variable gain amplifier
42 7,372,292 Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
43 7,372,283 Probe navigation method and device and defect inspection device
44 7,372,272 Electromagnetic wave transceiver apparatus and nuclear magnetic resonance analyzing apparatus using it
45 7,372,269 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
46 7,372,219 Belt driven centrifugal separator with multi-stage, belt deterioration alerting display
47 7,372,206 Gas discharge panel substrate assembly having protective layer in contact with discharge space, and AC type gas discharge panel having the assembly
48 7,372,132 Resin encapsulated semiconductor device and the production method
49 7,372,116 Heat assisted switching in an MRAM cell utilizing the antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition in FeRh
50 7,372,110 Display with integral sound wave generation device
51 7,372,053 Rotating gantry of particle beam therapy system
52 7,372,051 Electric charged particle beam microscopy, electric charged particle beam microscope, critical dimension measurement and critical dimension measurement system
53 7,372,050 Method of preventing charging, and apparatus for charged particle beam using the same
54 7,372,047 Charged particle system and a method for measuring image magnification
55 7,372,036 Radiological imaging apparatus
56 7,372,035 Radiological imaging apparatus
57 7,372,029 Scanning transmission electron microscope and scanning transmission electron microscopy
58 7,372,028 Sample electrification measurement method and charged particle beam apparatus
59 7,371,808 Polymer treating method and apparatus
60 7,371,690 Dry etching method and apparatus
61 7,371,508 Plasma display panel and method for fabricating the same
62 7,371,320 Magnetic separation unit and water purification system
63 7,371,094 Aligned contact group and electrical connector for flexible substrate
64 7,370,816 Fuel injector
65 7,370,804 IC card reader
66 7,370,559 Pneumatically operated screw driver
67 7,370,551 Gearshift operating device
68 7,370,545 Oxygen sensor
69 7,370,518 Heating resistor type fluid flow rate measuring apparatus and control apparatus for internal combustion engine having the measuring apparatus
70 7,370,475 Traveling hydraulic working machine
71 7,370,471 Internal combustion engine controller
72 7,370,405 Fabrication method of a high gradient-field recording head for perpendicular magnetic recording
73 7,370,404 Method for resetting pinned layer magnetization in a magnetoresistive sensor