Hitachi patents granted on 13 May 2014

38 US patents granted on 13 May 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D704,645 Housing for a connector
2 8,726,262 Firmware update system and information apparatus, and program
3 8,726,049 Computer system with a plurality of computer modules and baseboard management controllers, including a state machine that dynamically conducts a switching operation
4 8,725,981 Storage system and method implementing online volume and snapshot with performance/failure independence and high capacity efficiency
5 8,725,971 Storage apparatus and method for controlling storage apparatus involving snapshots
6 8,725,936 Storage system with flash memory, and storage control method
7 8,725,926 Computer system and method for sharing PCI devices thereof
8 8,725,695 Storage system and object management method
9 8,725,686 Method and program for creating determinate backup data in a database backup system
10 8,725,675 File server, file management system and file relocation method
11 8,725,370 Vehicle control apparatus
12 8,724,995 Passive optical network system and operating method thereof
13 8,724,962 Video recording method and video recording device
14 8,724,922 Image correcting device, method for creating corrected image, correction table creating device, method for creating correction table, program for creating correction table, and program for creating corrected image
15 8,724,641 Communication system and control method for communication system
16 8,724,450 Network relay system and method of controlling a network relay system
17 8,724,348 Power-supply unit, hard-disk drive, and switching method of the power-supply unit
18 8,724,260 Information recording device having high-frequency field generating multilayer material with a receded section disposed between main and opposing poles
19 8,723,547 Solar photovoltaic junction box
20 8,723,536 Inspection apparatus, substrate mounting device and inspection method
21 8,723,527 Battery monitoring system
22 8,723,523 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with temperature sensor for predicting static magnetic field inhomogeneity
23 8,723,508 Method for analyzing DC superposition characteristics of inductance device, and electromagnetic field simulator
24 8,723,376 Mover and linear motor
25 8,723,320 Power module and manufacturing method thereof
26 8,723,306 Power semiconductor unit, power module, power semiconductor unit manufacturing method, and power module manufacturing method
27 8,723,287 Thermal airlflow sensor
28 8,722,507 Method for forming identification marks on silicon carbide single crystal substrate, and silicon carbide single crystal substrate
29 8,722,137 Hydrated water-absorption polymer containing resin composition, porous body and insulated wire using same, method of making the wire and coaxial cable
30 8,722,011 Method of producing hydrogen from ammonia
31 8,721,308 Water injected scroll air compressor
32 8,721,298 Air blower
33 8,721,197 Image device, surveillance camera, and mask method of camera screen
34 8,721,192 Optical connecting structure
35 8,720,765 Nailing machine
36 8,720,412 Control apparatus for direct injection type internal combustion engine
37 8,720,399 Valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
38 8,720,040 Method of manufacturing a hollow waveguide