Hitachi patents granted on 13 November 2007

55 US patents granted on 13 November 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,296,286 Method and apparatus for transmitting image signals of images having different exposure times via a signal transmission path, method and apparatus for receiving thereof, and method and system for transmitting and receiving thereof
2 7,296,215 Signal processing method and signal processing circuit
3 7,296,173 Semiconductor integrated circuit
4 7,296,166 Disk array system for starting destaging process of unwritten cache memory data to disk drive upon detecting DC voltage level falling below predetermined value
5 7,296,131 Management method and a management system for volume
6 7,296,126 Storage system and data processing system
7 7,296,118 Storage device and information management system
8 7,296,115 Method of and system for controlling attributes of a plurality of storage devices
9 7,296,041 Inter-server dynamic transfer method for virtual file servers
10 7,295,814 Antenna switch circuit and antenna switch module
11 7,295,767 Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing video data, and recording medium
12 7,295,682 Lane recognition system
13 7,295,652 X-ray image diagnostic apparatus
14 7,295,611 Methods and apparatus for decoding and displaying different resolution video signals
15 7,295,512 Performance enhanced TCP communication system
16 7,295,502 Optical desk apparatus
17 7,295,499 Wobble signal reproducing circuit
18 7,295,497 Optical disk device and tilt correction method thereof
19 7,295,476 Data line disturbance free memory block divided flash memory and microcomputer having flash memory therein
20 7,295,412 Protection circuit for power management semiconductor devices and power converter having the protection circuit
21 7,295,406 Narrow track extraordinary magneto resistive [EMR] device
22 7,295,401 Laminated side shield for perpendicular write head for improved performance
23 7,295,396 Magnetic disk drive
24 7,295,376 Pseudo cross-link type resin composition, molding material, sheet or film, and optical element obtained therefrom
25 7,295,305 Method and its apparatus for inspecting a pattern
26 7,295,268 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,295,263 Liquid crystal display backlight’s light reflection treatment portion that directs light from the light source toward the LCD excluding a transmission region of the LC
28 7,295,260 Liquid-crystal display device
29 7,295,259 Image display device
30 7,295,174 Display unit
31 7,295,148 Radar system with RCS correction
32 7,295,034 Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
33 7,295,011 Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
34 7,295,010 Low temperature probe having transmitting coil and receiving coil or transmit/receive coil and used in NMR apparatus
35 7,294,996 Characteristic evaluating system and characteristic evaluating method
36 7,294,988 Synchronous motor drive unit and a driving method thereof
37 7,294,943 Electric rotating machine
38 7,294,905 Thin film capacitor and electronic circuit component
39 7,294,880 Semiconductor non-volatile memory cell with a plurality of charge storage regions
40 7,294,835 Scanning electron microscope
41 7,294,833 Method of alignment for efficient defect review
42 7,294,821 Optical module
43 7,294,315 Method and apparatus for disposing of fluorine-containing compound by decomposition
44 7,294,289 Conductive powder and method for preparing the same
45 7,294,200 Method for producing nitride semiconductor crystal, and nitride semiconductor wafer and nitride semiconductor device
46 7,294,167 Alloy powder for forming hard phase and ferriferous mixed powder using the same, and manufacturing method for wear resistant sintered alloy and wear resistant sintered alloy
47 7,293,878 Projector having an image display element
48 7,293,625 Operating lever device for construction machine and construction machine
49 7,293,541 Combustion-type power tool having ignition proof arrangement
50 7,293,466 Bolt with function of measuring strain
51 7,293,453 Misfire detection system for internal combustion engine
52 7,293,375 Crawler frame for construction machine
53 7,293,374 Crawler frame for construction machine
54 7,293,348 Method of forming a suspension for use in a disk drive having a media disk
55 D555,185 Video projector