Hitachi patents granted on 13 November 2012

72 US patents granted on 13 November 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,312,521 Biometric authenticaton system and method with vulnerability verification
2 8,312,333 Substrate processing system and data retrieval method
3 8,312,325 Storage system that finds occurrence of power source failure
4 8,312,321 Storage control apparatus and failure recovery method for storage control apparatus
5 8,312,319 Failover method through disk takeover and computer system having failover function
6 8,312,315 Storage control device and RAID group extension method
7 8,312,314 Storage system and control method of storage system
8 8,312,312 Data storage system using multiple communication protocols
9 8,312,269 Challenge and response access control providing data security in data storage devices
10 8,312,246 Storage apparatus and storage area allocation method
11 8,312,235 Data migration in a storage system with dynamically expansible volumes
12 8,312,234 Storage system configured from plurality of storage modules and method for switching coupling configuration of storage modules
13 8,312,233 Storage system that is connected to external storage
14 8,312,203 Semiconductor storage device and method of controlling a semiconductor storage device by allocating a physical block composed of plural pages to a group of logical addresses
15 8,312,186 Storage subsystem
16 8,312,185 Storage apparatus and method of updating control information in storage apparatus
17 8,312,182 Data processing system having a channel adapter shared by multiple operating systems
18 8,312,121 Storage system comprising function for alleviating performance bottleneck
19 8,311,992 Information processing device and data shredding method
20 8,311,868 Business analysis system and method
21 8,311,736 Navigation device, navigation method and navigation system
22 8,311,600 Optical measurement instrument for living body
23 8,311,541 Mobile communication system for low power consumption, call control server and access gateway
24 8,311,389 Digital information recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus and transmitting apparatus
25 8,311,314 Pattern measuring method and pattern measuring device
26 8,311,219 Reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus and display apparatus
27 8,311,180 Fuel assembly
28 8,311,157 Signal recovery circuit
29 8,311,039 Traffic information aggregating apparatus
30 8,310,995 Systems and methods for wireless communication using SDMA
31 8,310,917 Switching hub and ring network
32 8,310,906 Optical disc apparatus and optical disc recording/reproducing method
33 8,310,789 Conductor suspension structure and electrical connection assembly for transmitting complementary signals in a hard disk drive
34 8,310,786 Asymmetric writer for shingled magnetic recording
35 8,310,783 Magnetic tape head with limited ranges of tape wrap angle and distance between first and second edges
36 8,310,667 Wafer surface inspection apparatus and wafer surface inspection method
37 8,310,666 Apparatus of inspecting defect in semiconductor and method of the same
38 8,310,665 Inspecting method and inspecting apparatus for substrate surface
39 8,310,647 Image display device and manufacturing method of the same
40 8,310,641 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
41 8,310,639 Active matrix type liquid crystal display device having first pixel signal lines wider than second pixel signal lines
42 8,310,634 Liquid crystal display device comprising a first optical compensating member between the liquid crystal layer and one of the first and second polarizing layers
43 8,310,617 Liquid crystal display device
44 8,310,614 Liquid crystal display device having a curved shape comprising positive and negative curvatures
45 8,310,611 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
46 8,310,460 Touch display device
47 8,310,437 Backlight device and display device
48 8,310,212 Control device for automobile battery-charging generator
49 8,310,136 Piezoelectric thin film element, and piezoelectric thin film device
50 8,310,135 Piezoelectric thin film element and piezoelectric thin film device including the same
51 8,310,029 Group III nitride semiconductor free-standing substrate and method of manufacturing the same, group III nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
52 8,309,965 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
53 8,309,960 Display device
54 8,309,923 Sample observing method and scanning electron microscope
55 8,309,922 Semiconductor inspection method and device that consider the effects of electron beams
56 8,309,919 Inspection method for semiconductor wafer and apparatus for reviewing defects
57 8,309,851 Insulated wire and manufacturing method of the same
58 8,309,658 Adhesive composition, circuit connecting material, connecting structure for circuit member, and semiconductor device
59 8,309,265 Electrolyte membrane for fuel cells, its production and fuel cell using the same
60 8,309,026 Specimen preprocessing system
61 8,309,012 Method for producing ceramic honeycomb structure
62 8,308,622 Centrifugally cast composit roll
63 8,308,510 Wire harness and method of manufacturing the same
64 8,308,508 Connector
65 8,308,503 Flat cable and connection structure between flat cable and printed wiring board
66 8,308,421 Axial turbine
67 8,308,420 Centrifugal compressor, impeller and operating method of the same
68 8,308,301 Optical unit
69 8,308,283 Filter and ink-jet recording apparatus having the same
70 8,308,282 Ink jet recording device
71 8,307,989 Paper handling apparatus and method therefor
72 8,307,863 Fuel filling and waste solution recovery apparatus and fuel vessel