Hitachi patents granted on 13 September 2016

44 US patents granted on 13 September 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,445,067 Imaging device and image signal processor with color noise correction
2 9,444,992 Focus control apparatus and method
3 9,444,704 Method for controlling monitoring items, management computer, and computer system in cloud system where virtual environment and non-virtual environment are mixed
4 9,444,671 Antenna direction adjustment method and OFDM reception device
5 9,444,482 Analog-to-digital converter
6 9,444,402 High frequency integrated circuit and device using same
7 9,444,356 Power supply device and power supply switching method
8 9,444,288 Power monitor and control apparatus and control apparatus of distributed powering system
9 9,444,198 Communication module and communication module connector
10 9,443,995 Solar battery cell and solar battery module
11 9,443,748 Substrate processing apparatus, program for controlling the same, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
12 9,443,720 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device for forming film including at least two different elements
13 9,443,719 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device for forming film including at least two different elements
14 9,443,718 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
15 9,443,704 Data analysis method for plasma processing apparatus, plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
16 9,443,695 Charged-particle beam device
17 9,443,694 Charged particle beam apparatus, specimen observation system and operation program
18 9,443,645 Insulated wire for vehicle use and cable for vehicle use
19 9,443,621 Method of adjusting oxygen concentration of reactor water samples using demineralized water
20 9,443,548 Hologram reproducing device and hologram reproducing method
21 9,443,546 Magnetic tape and method for producing the same
22 9,443,313 Stereo camera apparatus
23 9,443,159 Target identification system target identification server and target identification terminal
24 9,443,150 Device and method for detecting objects from a video signal
25 9,442,809 Management computer used to construct backup configuration of application data
26 9,442,765 Identifying shared physical storage resources having possibility to be simultaneously used by two jobs when reaching a high load
27 9,442,659 Data backup storage system
28 9,442,251 Optical waveguide with mirror, optical fiber connector, and manufacturing method thereof
29 9,442,203 Neutron monitoring system
30 9,442,129 Automatic analyzer
31 9,442,128 Automated analyzer
32 9,442,127 Sample processing device, sample processing method, and reaction container used in these device and method
33 9,441,950 Optical measurement apparatus and optical measurement method
34 9,441,693 Non-asbestos friction material composition, and friction material and friction member using same
35 9,441,675 Water pump of internal combustion engine with a slinger sealing the bearing
36 9,441,638 Oil-cooled gas compressor
37 9,441,619 Reciprocating compressor
38 9,441,545 Fuel supply apparatus, fuel-flow-rate-control unit, and gas-turbine power generating plant
39 9,441,526 Construction machine
40 9,441,294 Substrate processing apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
41 9,441,286 Oil-impregnated sintered bearing and production method therefor
42 9,440,319 Seal assembling method of master cylinder and seal assembling apparatus
43 9,440,235 Genetic testing method and testing apparatus
44 9,439,620 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus