Hitachi patents granted on 14 August 2007

39 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,257,843 Command processing system by a management agent
2 7,257,722 Storage control device and control method therefor
3 7,257,720 Semiconductor processing device for connecting a non-volatile storage device to a general purpose bus of a host system
4 7,257,694 Method for allocating storage area to virtual volume
5 7,257,688 Information processing system with redundant storage having interleaved master storage and substorage regions
6 7,257,680 Storage system including shared memory and plural disk drives, processors, and shared memory control units
7 7,257,637 Method for transforming data between business protocols
8 7,257,481 Exhaust gas diagnosis system and vehicle control system
9 7,257,292 Variable dispersion compensator
10 7,257,202 Telephone communication system
11 7,257,138 Optoelectronic waveguiding device, structural body including the same, and optical module
12 7,257,132 Receiver set, information apparatus and receiving system
13 7,257,098 Wireless communications equipment
14 7,257,068 Apparatus and method for reproducing replacement data recorded on a disc
15 7,257,034 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
16 7,256,972 CPP sensor with improved pinning strength longitudinal bias structure
17 7,256,953 Data synchronizing signal detector, signal processing device using the detector, information recording and reproducing apparatus having the detector and the device, data synchronizing signal detecting method, and information recording medium for using in the method
18 7,256,854 Liquid crystal display device
19 7,256,853 Liquid crystal display device having particular pixel region
20 7,256,852 Liquid crystal display device
21 7,256,843 Active matrix type liquid crystal display and liquid crystal material
22 7,256,763 Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
23 7,256,755 Display apparatus and display driving method for effectively eliminating the occurrence of a moving image false contour
24 7,256,739 Antenna for radio frequency identification
25 7,256,697 Radio frequency IC tag and bolt with an IC tag
26 7,256,453 Semiconductor device
27 7,256,423 Thin film semiconductor device
28 7,256,412 Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
29 7,256,400 Electron beam inspection apparatus
30 7,255,837 Electronic device and thermal type flow meter on vehicle
31 7,255,669 Centrifuge with imbalance detector
32 7,255,610 Molded part and electronic device using the same
33 7,255,583 Connection terminal and a connection terminal assembly and method for assembling the connection terminal
34 7,255,497 Unidirectional optical power monitor
35 7,255,444 Optical unit and projection-type image display apparatus using the same
36 7,255,257 Pneumatically operated power tool having mechanism for changing compressed air pressure
37 7,255,093 Device and method for diagnosing evaporation leak, and control device of internal combustion engine
38 7,255,088 Engine control system for construction machine
39 7,254,884 Method for fabricating a pole tip in a magnetic transducer using feed-forward and feedback