Hitachi patents granted on 14 December 2010

61 US patents granted on 14 December 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,853,994 Computer system and method of updating authentication information of computer system
2 7,853,835 Cluster system wherein failover reset signals are sent from nodes according to their priority
3 7,853,822 Techniques for enhancing the functionality of file systems
4 7,853,770 Storage system, data relocation method thereof, and recording medium that records data relocation program
5 7,853,769 Computer system for managing number of writes for storage medium and control method therefor
6 7,853,768 Electronic control apparatus and method for writing backup data in electronic control apparatus
7 7,853,767 Dual writing device and its control method
8 7,853,765 Storage system and data management method
9 7,853,623 Data mining system, data mining method and data retrieval system
10 7,853,570 Method and system for data processing with parallel database systems
11 7,853,366 Vehicle control apparatus
12 7,853,113 Resin composition for optical material, resin film for optical material, and optical waveguide
13 7,853,084 Method of detecting feature images
14 7,853,068 Pattern defect inspection method and apparatus
15 7,852,758 Route control method of label switch path
16 7,852,740 Information recording medium storing system and storing case
17 7,852,729 Optical disc apparatus with adjustable constraint length PRML
18 7,852,727 Information recording method and apparatus with suppressed mark edge jitters
19 7,852,725 Apparatus for recording of information
20 7,852,722 Optical disk apparatus and playback signal processing method
21 7,852,717 System, method, and apparatus for characterizing, tracking, and segregating known defective disk regions on patterned disks
22 7,852,595 Magnetic disk unit and manufacturing method thereof
23 7,852,594 Device and method for specifying control value for controlling clearance between head and disk, and magnetic disk drive device
24 7,852,589 Disk drive
25 7,852,587 Thermal assisted recording (TAR) disk drive capable of controlling the write pulses
26 7,852,583 Disk drive device, altitude determination method therefore and method for determining characteristic of head element portion
27 7,852,435 Light-condensing film, liquid-crystal panel and backlight as well as manufacturing process for light-condensing film
28 7,852,429 Display device with a portion of a flexible circuit projecting into a space in an opening or depression of a holder
29 7,852,420 Liquid crystal display device which reduces unevenness in an upper surface of at least an electrode
30 7,852,358 Display device with control of steady-state current of a generation circuit
31 7,852,288 Plasma display apparatus with improvement in supply of sustain voltage
32 7,852,083 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and gradient magnetic field coil
33 7,852,076 Magnetic resonance apparatus utilizing time-varying rate of magnetic resonant frequency
34 7,852,072 Test-device system for independent characterization of sensor-width and sensor-stripe-height definition processes
35 7,852,070 GMR sensor device having AC power supply
36 7,852,005 Fluorescent lamp with external electrode, backlight, and display device
37 7,851,959 Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
38 7,851,898 Multichip package or system-in package
39 7,851,866 Electric power conversion device
40 7,851,785 Magnetic tunnel transistor with thin read gap for head applications
41 7,851,756 Charged particle beam irradiation system
42 7,851,754 Charged particle beam system
43 7,851,753 Method and apparatus for reviewing defects
44 7,851,743 Ion mobility spectrometer
45 7,851,379 Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
46 7,851,138 Patterning a surface comprising silicon and carbon
47 7,851,131 Photosensitive adhesive composition, and obtained using the same, adhesive film, adhesive sheet, semiconductor wafer with adhesive layer, semiconductor device and electronic part
48 7,851,128 Photosensitive polymer composition, method of forming relief patterns, and electronic equipment
49 7,851,055 High-thermal-conductivity graphite-particles-dispersed-composite and its production method
50 7,850,930 Microreactor
51 7,850,844 Liquid delivery device, liquid chromatograph, and method for operation of liquid delivery device
52 7,850,815 Substrate assembling apparatus and substrate assembling method using the same
53 7,850,612 Ultrasonic enhanced-contrast imager and method
54 7,850,503 Method of sealing a plasma display panel by means of glass frit incorporating spacer beads
55 7,850,479 Cable connection guiding method using a terminal indicating device
56 7,850,373 Optical block reinforcing member, optical block and optical module
57 7,850,313 Projection type image display apparatus
58 7,850,255 Electro-mechanical brake system and electro-mechanical brake apparatus used therefor
59 7,850,165 Paper sheet storing apparatus
60 7,849,976 Electro-mechanical brake
61 7,849,588 Electronic component mounting apparatus with setting device setting measurement positions for printed board