Hitachi patents granted on 14 July 2009

44 US patents granted on 14 July 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,562,352 Data format conversion method and equipment, and controller management system using data format conversion equipment
2 7,562,270 Medium drive and method of generating a defect map for registering positions of defects on a medium
3 7,562,231 Apparatus and system for recording and reproducing contents
4 7,562,201 Recording device and recording and reproducing device
5 7,562,197 Method and apparatus for multistage volume locking
6 7,562,160 Storage device and method of setting configuration information of same
7 7,562,109 Connectivity confirmation method for network storage device and host computer
8 7,562,103 Disaster recovery processing method and apparatus and storage unit for the same
9 7,561,684 Mounting structure for an electroacoustic transducer
10 7,561,629 Multicarrier receiver and transmitter with delay correcting function
11 7,561,557 Base station apparatus, mobile station, and contents provider
12 7,561,506 Information-recording method and information-recording medium
13 7,561,448 Power inverter
14 7,561,435 Engine controller
15 7,561,429 Power converter unit
16 7,561,384 Magneto-resistive sensor having small track width and sensor height using stopper layer
17 7,561,377 Disk drive disk clamping via a hub flange, a clamp, and an O-ring
18 7,561,369 Drive unit
19 7,561,366 Disk drive and calibration method for the same
20 7,561,365 Disk drive and control method thereof
21 7,561,257 Finger identification apparatus
22 7,561,243 Liquid crystal display device with spacers facing capacitive element
23 7,561,241 Display device with bundle of cables adhesive on the back of frame
24 7,561,235 LCD device having counter voltage signal line between and parallel with pairs of gate signal lines formed over counter electrode with conductive layer formed of an extending portion thereof at boundary portion of adjacent pixels
25 7,561,152 Display device and display panel device
26 7,561,135 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,561,132 Display device
28 7,561,010 Piezoelectric thin film resonators
29 7,560,934 MRI coil element decoupling utilizing multiple feeds
30 7,560,932 Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) probe
31 7,560,896 Vector control apparatus for permanent magnet motor
32 7,560,886 Motor controlling device for mounting on vehicle
33 7,560,717 Particle beam irradiation apparatus, treatment planning unit, and particle beam irradiation method
34 7,560,307 Resin composition, heat-resistant resin paste and semiconductor device using these and method of preparing the same
35 7,560,225 Method of forming uniform features using photoresist
36 7,560,185 Solid polymer electrolyte, a membrane using thereof, a solution for coating electrode catalyst, a membrane/electrode assembly, and a fuel cell
37 7,559,742 Inlet casing and suction passage structure
38 7,559,697 Dynamic bearing unit
39 7,559,601 Construction machine
40 7,559,313 Controlling apparatus of variable capacity type fuel pump and fuel supply system
41 7,559,272 Cylinder apparatus
42 7,559,237 Air flow measuring device provided with a vent in air passage
43 7,559,193 Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
44 7,559,132 Method for manufacturing a shock absorber that allows a disk drive to move with respect to the chassis of a computer system