Hitachi patents granted on 14 March 2006

50 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,013,443 Delay diagnosis method for semiconductor integrated circuit, computer program product for diagnosing delay of semiconductor integrated circuit and computer readable recording medium recording program thereon
2 7,013,415 IC with internal interface switch for testability
3 7,013,380 Storage system control method, storage system, and storage apparatus
4 7,013,373 Data backup method and system
5 7,013,372 Method for controlling information processing system, information processing system and information processing program
6 7,013,371 Data transfer control system
7 7,013,364 Storage subsystem having plural storage systems and storage selector for selecting one of the storage systems to process an access request
8 7,013,317 Method for backup and storage system
9 7,013,214 Air-fuel ratio feedback control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
10 7,013,211 Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
11 7,013,147 Wireless positioning means, wireless positioning apparatus and mobile position control center apparatus
12 7,013,134 Mobile wireless telecommunications device
13 7,013,123 Wireless communication system
14 7,013,111 Wireless communication apparatus
15 7,012,931 Multicast communication method
16 7,012,908 CDMA base transceiver system
17 7,012,890 Packet forwarding apparatus with packet controlling functions
18 7,012,875 Optical disk apparatus using focal shift signals to control spherical aberration
19 7,012,871 Information recording method and apparatus with suppressed mark edge jitters
20 7,012,788 Spacer ring for disk drive spindle with load/unload feature, latch feature, and tribological overcoat
21 7,012,782 Method of attenuating airflow disturbances in a hard disk drive with a circumferential motor bracket shroud for motor hub flange outside diameter
22 7,012,777 Disk drive with capacitance sensing of disk vibration and feedforward control for removal of read/write head track misregistration
23 7,012,769 Digital information recording/reproducing apparatus
24 7,012,668 Method of measuring AC residual image in a liquid crystal display device
25 7,012,626 Driving method of display device
26 7,012,586 Image display device
27 7,012,567 Approach position input device
28 7,012,527 Resonator for use in electronic article surveillance systems
29 7,012,479 Filter circuit and transmitter and receiver using the same
30 7,012,370 Plasma display device with shielding parts on transparent electrodes
31 7,012,365 Light-emitting device and light-emitting display with a polarization separator between an emissive layer and a phase plate
32 7,012,321 Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
33 7,012,320 Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
34 7,012,312 Semiconductor device with multilayer conductive structure formed on a semiconductor substrate
35 7,012,267 Particle beam therapy system
36 7,012,254 Method and device for observing a specimen in a field of view of an electron microscope
37 7,012,252 Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
38 7,011,792 Analyzer system having sample rack transfer line
39 7,011,201 Bill deposit/withdrawal machine for depositing/withdrawing bills
40 7,011,060 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
41 7,011,057 Variable valve operating control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
42 7,011,055 Variable valve operating control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
43 7,010,972 Thermal type flow measuring instrument with mold casing in metal insert
44 7,010,971 Heating resistor type flow-measuring device having a heating resistor and a thermoresistance, whose resistance value varies in response to the ambient temperature
45 7,010,922 Single shaft combined cycle power plant and its operation method
46 7,010,910 Exhaust gas purification apparatus
47 RE39,013 Method and apparatus for optical recording and reproducing with tracking servo reducing track offset
48 D517,107 Video camera with digital video disk player
49 D517,064 Computer
50 D517,063 Electronic computer