Hitachi patents granted on 14 May 2013

35 US patents granted on 14 May 2013 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,443,364 Virtual machine system and virtual machine control method
2 8,443,362 Computer system for determining and displaying performance problems from first storage devices and based on the problems, selecting a migration destination to other secondary storage devices that are operated independently thereof, from the first storage devices
3 8,443,243 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for evaluating an eye-opening margin
4 8,443,237 Storage apparatus and method for controlling the same using loopback diagnosis to detect failure
5 8,443,235 Storage system and known problem information management method
6 8,443,201 Biometric authentication system, enrollment terminal, authentication terminal and authentication server
7 8,443,160 Computer system and data migration method
8 8,442,939 File sharing method, computer system, and job scheduler
9 8,442,729 Traveling system for engineering machine
10 8,442,666 Dynamic maintenance planning apparatus
11 8,442,300 Specified position identifying method and specified position measuring apparatus
12 8,442,292 X-ray CT apparatus
13 8,442,289 Medical image processing device, method for processing medical image and program
14 8,441,902 Optical information recording/reproducing device, optical information reproducing device, and optical information recording medium
15 8,441,628 Apparatus for inspecting an illumination device
16 8,441,612 LED light source, its manufacturing method, and LED-based photolithography apparatus and method
17 8,441,607 Display device with sufficient adhesive strength for sealing material
18 8,441,596 Liquid crystal display device having backlight with reflective member
19 8,441,582 Imaging displaying apparatus and 3-D image displaying apparatus applying the same therein
20 8,441,300 Interface circuit, LSI, server device, and method of training the interface circuit
21 8,441,252 Rotational angle measurement apparatus
22 8,441,186 Organic electroluminescence display device
23 8,441,115 Semiconductor device with exposed thermal conductivity part
24 8,441,075 Power semiconductor apparatus having a silicon power semiconductor device and a wide gap semiconductor device
25 8,440,910 Differential signal transmission cable
26 8,440,549 Compound semiconductor device including aln layer of controlled skewness
27 8,440,513 Method of semiconductor processing
28 8,440,339 Battery module, electric storage device and electric system
29 8,440,285 Composite, prepreg, laminated plate clad with metal foil, material for connecting circuit board, and multilayer printed wiring board and method for manufacture thereof
30 8,439,995 Abrasive compounds for semiconductor planarization
31 8,439,242 Fastening machine
32 8,439,005 Two cycle engine and tool
33 8,438,931 Semiconductor strain sensor
34 8,438,874 Natural gas liquefaction plant and motive power supply equipment for same
35 8,438,718 Manufacturing method of combined sensor