Hitachi patents granted on 14 October 2008

57 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D578,655 Sample holder
2 D578,653 Sample holder
3 7,437,723 System for managing distribution of programs
4 7,437,615 Storage system and a method for diagnosing failure of the storage system
5 7,437,603 Method for restoring snapshot in a storage system
6 7,437,585 Storage system and power control method therefor, adapter and power control method therefor, and storage controller and control method therefor
7 7,437,478 Priority control device
8 7,437,424 Storage system
9 7,437,389 Remote copy system
10 7,437,301 Information linking method, information viewer, information register, and information search equipment
11 7,437,269 Method, system and program for evaluating reliability on component
12 7,436,990 Blood flow dynamic analyzer and its method, and image diagnostic apparatus
13 7,436,944 Repeating device
14 7,436,796 Mobile-unit-dedicated data delivery assistance method
15 7,436,754 Information-recording medium and method
16 7,436,722 Semiconductor device
17 7,436,663 Disk array system
18 7,436,637 Magnetoresistive sensor having an improved pinning structure
19 7,436,636 Dual CPP GMR sensor with in-stack bias structure
20 7,436,635 Current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor having a highly conductive lead structure
21 7,436,634 Magnetically anisotropic shield for use in magnetic data recording
22 7,436,629 Laminated magnetic structure for use in a perpendicular magnetic write head
23 7,436,626 Clamp assembly for a data storage device with a lubricant trap to prevent lubricant migration from mounting screws
24 7,436,614 Data storage device and data storage device control
25 7,436,613 Magnetic recording device
26 7,436,611 Method of servo writing for magnetic recording system, magnetic recording system
27 7,436,593 Screen, fresnel lens sheet used therefor, and image display apparatus using the same
28 7,436,458 Digital broadcast receiver unit
29 7,436,431 Terminal apparatus and image information server
30 7,436,415 Display system and display panel and signal processing apparatus for use with display system
31 7,436,376 Image display device
32 7,436,375 Method for driving plasma display panel
33 7,436,259 Amplification apparatus
34 7,436,247 Step-down circuit with stabilized output voltage
35 7,436,212 Interface circuit power reduction
36 7,436,179 Magnet device
37 7,436,140 Image display device and stand for image display device
38 7,435,974 Electron microscope and specimen stage positioning control method for the electron microscope
39 7,435,972 Focused ion beam apparatus and liquid metal ion source
40 7,435,960 Charged particle beam apparatus
41 7,435,959 Microstructured pattern inspection method
42 7,435,958 Electron beam apparatus and method for production of its specimen chamber
43 7,435,957 Charged particle beam equipment and charged particle microscopy
44 7,435,949 Mass spectrometric analysis method and system using the method
45 7,435,687 Plasma processing method and plasma processing device
46 7,435,608 III-V group nitride system semiconductor self-standing substrate, method of making the same and III-V group nitride system semiconductor wafer
47 7,435,525 Positive photosensitive resin composition, method for forming pattern, and electronic part
48 7,435,487 Hard film and hard film-coated tool
49 7,435,482 Article or transparent component having liquid repellent layer, optical lens having liquid repellent layer and production process thereof, and projection type display apparatus using the lens
50 7,435,394 Treatment method for decomposing perfluorocompound, decomposing catalyst and treatment apparatus
51 7,435,330 Heavy oil reforming method, an apparatus therefor, and gas turbine power generation system
52 7,435,302 Surface treatment apparatus and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
53 7,435,013 Variable dispersion compensation equipment, optical transmission system using it and method of setting dispersion compensation quantity
54 7,434,725 Bill handling machine, automated teller machine, and method for payment of change at automated teller machine
55 7,434,655 Power steering system
56 7,434,394 Hydraulic drive device
57 7,434,321 Portable cutting tool