Hitachi patents granted on 15 April 2008

54 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,360,214 Method and system for displaying integrated log information
2 7,360,180 Computer program product, method, and system for hardware model conversion
3 7,360,091 Secure data transfer method of using a smart card
4 7,360,088 Method and system for authenticating service using integrated circuit card
5 7,360,086 Communications control method and information relaying device for communications network system
6 7,360,051 Storage apparatus and method for relocating volumes thereof
7 7,360,047 Storage system, redundancy control method, and program
8 7,360,046 Storage system and data management method
9 7,360,038 Storage control system and method
10 7,360,037 Storage controller, storage control system, and storage control method
11 7,360,019 Disk array device and data processing method thereof
12 7,360,018 Storage control device and storage device error control method
13 7,360,017 Storage control device for longevity of the disk spindles based upon access of hard disk drives
14 7,359,840 Remote order acceptance design system and elevator remote order acceptance method
15 7,359,833 Information processing system and method
16 7,359,825 Optical measurement instrument and optical measurement method
17 7,359,735 Radio communication apparatus and packet scheduling method
18 7,359,678 Signal processing semiconductor integrated circuit device and wireless communication system
19 7,359,599 Optical near-field generator and near-field optical recording and reproduction apparatus
20 7,359,537 DNA microarray image analysis system
21 7,359,515 Method and apparatus for symmetric-key decryption
22 7,359,481 X-ray image diagnostic device
23 7,359,348 Wireless communications system
24 7,359,314 Signal transmission system for transmitting a signal with a guard interval and a demodulation method thereof
25 7,359,302 Information media, recording and reading apparatus
26 7,359,244 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor disk device
27 7,359,215 Flexible display device
28 7,359,212 Control device and method of manufacturing thereof
29 7,359,199 Portable electronic apparatus
30 7,359,191 Storage device system and cooling structure for logic circuit board for storage device system
31 7,359,186 Storage subsystem
32 7,359,138 Method of feedback control for active damping of slider air bearing vibrations in a hard disk drive slider
33 7,359,044 Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
34 7,359,024 Structure of liquid crystal display device for easy assembly and disassembly
35 7,358,952 Display device for displaying a plurality of images on one screen
36 7,358,934 Field emission display apparatus with improved white balance
37 7,358,907 Small-sized antenna
38 7,358,736 Low temperature probe for NMR and NMR device
39 7,358,726 System of generating a magnetic field and MRI system using the system of generating a magnetic field
40 7,358,721 Eddy current flaw detection sensor and method
41 7,358,650 Ultrasound probe
42 7,358,495 Standard reference for metrology and calibration method of electron-beam metrology system using the same
43 7,358,300 Composition for forming silica based coating film, silica based coating film and method for preparation thereof, and electronic parts
44 7,358,141 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
45 7,358,098 Device for capturing beads and method and apparatus for arraying beads
46 7,358,031 Optical information recording medium, optical information recording device and manufacturing method of optical information medium
47 7,357,912 Method of catalytic decomposition of water
48 7,357,537 Light source for projector and projection type image display apparatus using thereof
49 7,357,313 Information processor-based service providing system and method
50 7,357,303 Bill handling apparatus
51 7,357,195 Power tool and gear unit assembled therein
52 7,357,123 Electromagnetic actuator, fuel injection valve, method of controlling fuel injection valve, and method of driving the same
53 7,357,119 Variable valve type internal combustion engine and control method thereof
54 7,357,100 Heat exchanger tube panel module, and method of constructing exhaust heat recovery boiler using the same