Hitachi patents granted on 15 July 2008

32 US patents granted on 15 July 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,401,256 System and method for highly available data processing in cluster system
2 7,401,248 Method for deciding server in occurrence of fault
3 7,401,225 Method and apparatus for publishing signature log entry
4 7,401,197 Disk array system and method for security
5 7,401,196 Storage system and storage control method for access exclusion control of each storage area unit comprising storage area of storage device
6 7,401,167 Disk array apparatus and data relay method of the disk array apparatus
7 7,401,118 Web information preferential transfer system
8 7,400,984 Biomagnetic measurement apparatus
9 7,400,753 Biological sample optical measuring method and biological sample optical measuring apparatus
10 7,400,708 X-ray generator and X-ray CT apparatus comprising same
11 7,400,667 Receiver for receiving a spectrum dispersion signal
12 7,400,646 Multicast routing method and an apparatus for routing a multicast packet
13 7,400,645 Multicast routing method and an apparatus for routing a multicast packet
14 7,400,568 Optical device, optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
15 7,400,470 Head gimbal assembly and magnetic disk drive with specific solder ball or slider pad and electrode stud dimensioning to produce reliable solder ball connection using laser energy
16 7,400,393 Method and apparatus for detecting defects in a specimen utilizing information concerning the specimen
17 7,400,344 Object tracking method and object tracking apparatus
18 7,400,137 Magnetic encoder having a stable output property with unsaturated magnetic sensor
19 7,400,083 Flat panel display device including electron beam sources and control electrodes
20 7,400,046 Semiconductor device with guard rings that are formed in each of the plural wiring layers
21 7,400,002 MOSFET package
22 7,399,966 Scanning electron microscope
23 7,399,964 Electron microscope, measuring method using the same, electron microscope system, and method for controlling the system
24 7,399,553 Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
25 7,399,540 Perpendicular magnetic recording media, magnetic recording apparatus
26 7,399,532 Corrosive resistant metal material covered with conductive substance
27 7,399,368 Motor using magnet
28 7,399,360 Crucible and method of growing single crystal by using crucible
29 7,398,768 Electromagnetic drive mechanism and a high-pressure fuel supply pump
30 7,398,648 Travel control device for hydraulically driven vehicle and hydraulically driven vehicle
31 7,398,647 Pneumatically operated fastener driving tool
32 7,398,592 Manufacturable CMP assisted liftoff process to fabricate write pole for perpendicular recording heads