Hitachi patents granted on 15 June 2010

68 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE41,378 Liquid crystal display device
2 D617,909 Centrifuge
3 7,739,703 Optical pickup device and optical disc drive
4 7,739,672 Information processor, information processing method, and programs therefor
5 7,739,540 Information system, data transfer method and data protection method
6 7,739,530 Method and program for generating execution code for performing parallel processing
7 7,739,463 Storage system and method for acquisition and utilization of snapshots
8 7,739,454 Storage subsystem and storage subsystem control method
9 7,739,446 System and method for managing disk space in a thin-provisioned storage subsystem
10 7,739,416 Disk array apparatus
11 7,739,371 Computer system
12 7,739,242 NAS system and remote copy method
13 7,739,083 Program and/or method for calculating tuning parameters for numerical computation library
14 7,738,916 Portable terminal device with built-in fingerprint sensor
15 7,738,845 Electronic parts for high frequency power amplifier and wireless communication device
16 7,738,793 Secure optical communication system
17 7,738,790 WDM type passive optical network
18 7,738,770 Recording/playback apparatus and information processing apparatus
19 7,738,642 Reverse charging system, reverse-charging service control apparatus, call agent and reverse charging method
20 7,738,507 Network relay system and control method thereof
21 7,738,465 Packet forwarding device equipped with statistics collection device and statistics collection method
22 7,738,463 ATM-PON system and ONU automatic connection method
23 7,738,447 Voice communication system and voice communication method
24 7,738,442 Communication control unit and filtering method in communication control unit
25 7,738,349 Optical disc device with normal resolution signal selection filter
26 7,738,332 Reproduction method, optical disk drive, and IC circuit
27 7,738,286 Magnetic memory device
28 7,738,254 Disk array system
29 7,738,219 Narrow track extraordinary magneto resistive [EMR] device with wide voltage tabs and diad lead structure
30 7,738,217 EMR magnetic head having a magnetic flux guide and a body formed at a tail end of a slider
31 7,738,215 Magnetic head slider having spherical of ellipsoidal projection formed thereon
32 7,738,214 Thin film magnetic head
33 7,738,205 Recording disk drive and method of managing defective regions in the same
34 7,738,198 Imaging device, lens drive control method and recording medium
35 7,738,069 Liquid crystal display device
36 7,738,011 Camera control system
37 7,737,930 Image signal display apparatus
38 7,737,929 Display device having low voltage differential signal lines overlapping drive circuits
39 7,737,917 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving a plasma display panel
40 7,737,824 Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, portable terminal, and server for RFID tag
41 7,737,813 Magnetic field generator for MRI
42 7,737,801 Non-reciprocal circuit device
43 7,737,761 Gate drive circuit with reduced switching loss and noise
44 7,737,703 System and apparatus for electrically testing lead-to-lead shorting during magnetoresistive sensor fabrication
45 7,737,641 Capacitive-load driving circuit capable of properly handling temperature rise and plasma display apparatus using the same
46 7,737,602 Rotating electrical machine or alternator and method of manufacturing rotor core used in the same
47 7,737,593 Electrical rotation machine and a wind turbine system
48 7,737,586 Rotating electric machine
49 7,737,517 Display device
50 7,737,509 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
51 7,737,416 Sample transfer unit and sample transferring method
52 7,737,413 Corrector for charged-particle beam aberration and charged-particle beam apparatus
53 7,737,370 Electromagnetic shielding filter
54 7,737,268 Method of recovering nucleic acids and kit for recovering nucleic acids
55 7,737,034 Substrate treating apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
56 7,736,985 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device using overlapping exposure and semiconductor device thereof
57 7,736,834 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element employing it, resist pattern forming method, process for manufacturing printed circuit board and method for removing photocured product
58 7,736,818 Holographic recording medium and method of making it
59 7,736,767 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium having an interlayer formed from a NiWCr alloy
60 7,736,749 Thermosetting resin composition, resin film, metallic foil provided with an insulation material, insulation film provided with a metallic foil on each side, metal-clad laminate, multi-layered metal-clad laminate, and multi-layered printed wiring board
61 7,736,558 Imprint manufacture method
62 7,736,482 Electrophoresis member, production thereof and capillary electrophoresis apparatus
63 7,736,481 Electrophoresis device and electrophoresis method
64 7,735,967 Actuator for manipulation of liquid droplets
65 7,735,596 Power steering apparatus
66 7,735,472 High-pressure fuel supply apparatus and control apparatus for internal combustion engine
67 7,735,388 Control system and method for automatic transmission
68 7,735,213 Method for fabricating magnetic head slider