Hitachi patents granted on 15 March 2011

54 US patents granted on 15 March 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,908,604 Synchronization method and program for a parallel computer
2 7,908,597 Method for executing plural programs, method for converting source programs and compiler program using these methods
3 7,908,517 Information processing apparatus with resume function and information processing system
4 7,908,513 Method for controlling failover processing for a first channel controller and a second channel controller
5 7,908,510 Storage system and method of designing disaster recovery constitution
6 7,908,503 Method of saving power consumed by a storage system
7 7,908,489 Method for managing external storage devices
8 7,908,459 Security for logical unit in storage subsystem
9 7,908,449 Data replication in a storage system
10 7,908,447 Storage apparatus and volume restoration method
11 7,908,446 Copy system and method using differential bitmap
12 7,908,433 Virtual volume control method involving device stop
13 7,908,408 Storage device and control method thereof
14 7,908,390 Packet forwarding apparatus using token bucket algorithm and leaky bucket algorithm
15 7,908,384 Information processing system, a management apparatus, an information processing method and a management method
16 7,908,377 Computer system and data sharing method
17 7,908,314 Method for controlling a management computer
18 7,908,104 Plasma processing apparatus and method for detecting status of said apparatus
19 7,907,951 Wireless communication system and base station
20 7,907,949 Radio communication system, adjacent station information management method for this system, and management apparatus therefor
21 7,907,908 Radio access point testing apparatus and method of testing radio access point
22 7,907,812 Image and audio recording/reproducing apparatus
23 7,907,797 Image processing apparatus
24 7,907,746 Media recognition system
25 7,907,695 Natural circulation boiling water reactor and handling method thereof
26 7,907,491 Information recording method and apparatus with suppressed mark edge jitters
27 7,907,490 Information recording method and apparatus with suppressed mark edge jitters
28 7,907,480 Optical disk apparatus with an improved track jump performance
29 7,907,365 Apparatus for controlling and sealing airflow around disk drive bypass walls
30 7,907,361 Triple track test for side erase band width and side erase amplitude loss of a recording head
31 7,907,232 Liquid crystal display device
32 7,907,225 Liquid crystal display device
33 7,907,134 Contrast adjusting circuitry and video display apparatus using same
34 7,907,062 Dual direction power and data transfer protocol and safety detection
35 7,907,044 Laminate device and module comprising same
36 7,906,933 Apparatus and method for driving an induction motor
37 7,906,914 Method for driving plasma display panel
38 7,906,881 Motor
39 7,906,834 Display device having thin film semiconductor device and manufacturing method of thin film semiconductor device
40 7,906,796 Bipolar device and fabrication method thereof
41 7,906,761 Charged particle beam apparatus
42 7,906,759 Mass spectroscopy system and mass spectroscopy method
43 7,906,412 Method of fabricating group III nitride semiconductor single crystal, and method of fabricating group III nitride semiconductor single crystal substrate
44 7,906,240 Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
45 7,905,979 Method for holding substrate in vacuum
46 7,905,727 Implant keeper and its assembly, and keeper-fixing method
47 7,905,663 Electronic apparatus and photoelectric conversion module
48 7,905,646 Lighting unit and display equipment provided therewith
49 7,905,616 Illumination unit and display unit incorporating the same
50 7,905,615 Display device
51 7,905,613 LED backlight and liquid crystal display device using thereof
52 7,905,167 Miter saw
53 7,905,149 Physical sensor and method of process
54 7,905,018 Production method for sintered gear