Hitachi patents granted on 15 May 2012

54 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,181,268 Scanning probe microscope and method of observing sample using the same
2 8,181,234 Authentication system in client/server system and authentication method thereof
3 8,181,190 Optical disc apparatus
4 8,180,989 Storage controller and storage control method
5 8,180,979 Storage system and operation method of storage system
6 8,180,962 Performance managed computer, program and method for a storage system
7 8,180,960 Storage system control method, storage system, information processing system, managing computer and program
8 8,180,952 Storage system and data guarantee method
9 8,180,589 System for managing recipes for operating a measurement device
10 8,180,569 Car information system, map server and on-board system
11 8,180,418 Hinge apparatus and portable electronic device
12 8,180,198 Playlist creating apparatus and method, and dubbing list creating apparatus and method
13 8,180,197 Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing digital video signal or audio signal, and optical disk apparatus
14 8,180,140 Template creation method and image processor therefor
15 8,179,752 Optical disc apparatus therefor
16 8,179,745 Head gimbal assembly and disk drive
17 8,179,641 Disk drive apparatus and head assembly using a resin member to accommodate a wire structure
18 8,179,635 Single pole tip write head design for perpendicular recording media having reduced dependence on soft underlayers
19 8,179,634 Perpendicular magnetic recording writer main pole having imbedded non-magnetic core and de-coupled pole tip
20 8,179,633 Perpendicular magnetic recording system and write head with transverse auxiliary pole for fast switching of write pole magnetization
21 8,179,632 Apparatus and method for reducing particle accumulation in a hard disk drive
22 8,179,631 Magnetic disk drive feed-through solder connection with solder fillet formed inside base and protruding outside base
23 8,179,620 Optical module
24 8,179,619 Resin lens and method of molding resin lens
25 8,179,579 HROM replication methods, devices or systems, articles used in same and articles generated by same
26 8,179,497 Liquid crystal display device
27 8,179,438 Vehicle camera system
28 8,179,361 Reflector and backlight device
29 8,179,353 Driving method for display device
30 8,179,287 Method and apparatus for communicating map and route guidance information for vehicle navigation
31 8,179,249 Air compressor
32 8,179,218 Magnetizing system and superconducting magnet to be magnetized therewith
33 8,179,148 Information detecting apparatus and method
34 8,179,134 Handling robot of magnetic head assembly, magnetic head test method and magnetic head tester
35 8,179,042 Plasma display panel, plasma display panel unit, and method of manufacturing plasma display panel
36 8,179,041 Plasma display panel
37 8,178,840 Specimen inspection equipment and how to make the electron beam absorbed current images
38 8,178,837 Logical CAD navigation for device characteristics evaluation system
39 8,178,836 Electrostatic charge measurement method, focus adjustment method, and scanning electron microscope
40 8,178,786 Radiation-proof sheath material and radiation-proof cable
41 8,178,445 Substrate processing apparatus and manufacturing method of semiconductor device using plasma generation
42 8,178,428 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
43 8,178,305 Method of analyzing biochemical
44 8,178,223 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
45 8,178,191 Multilayer wiring board and method of making the same
46 8,178,158 Method for making a current-perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistance (CPP-GMR) sensor with a confined-current-path (CCP)
47 8,178,019 Method and apparatus for producing ceramic honeycomb structure
48 8,177,951 Electrophoresis apparatus and pump mechanism used in the same
49 8,177,923 Nano-crystalline, magnetic alloy, its production method, alloy ribbon and magnetic part
50 8,177,922 R-Fe-B anisotropic sintered magnet
51 8,177,921 R-Fe-B rare earth sintered magnet
52 8,177,407 Plane-like lighting units and display equipment provided therewith
53 8,177,080 Girder block lifting method and jack-up stage used therefor
54 8,176,871 Substrate processing apparatus