Hitachi patents granted on 15 September 2009

49 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE40,916 Liquid crystal driver and liquid crystal display device using the same
2 7,591,009 Policy rule management support method and policy rule management support apparatus
3 7,590,920 Reduced complexity error correction encoding techniques
4 7,590,915 Recording and reproducing data to/from a recording medium having a user data area and an information area for storing information about the recording medium
5 7,590,895 Heartbeat apparatus via remote mirroring link on multi-site and method of using same
6 7,590,887 Mapping apparatus for backup and restoration of multi-generation recovered snapshots
7 7,590,873 Power control method and system wherein a management server does not transmit a second power control request to an identified blade server when a management information indicates that a failure is detected in the identified blade server
8 7,590,856 System for managing license for protecting content, server for issuing license for protecting content, and terminal for using content protected by license
9 7,590,842 Service providing system and authentication system, as well as signature generating apparatus, service utilizing apparatus and verification apparatus
10 7,590,818 Storage system having a plurality of virtualization apparatuses that allocate a storage area, form a plurality of virtual volumes, and process input-output from a host processor
11 7,590,816 Computer system, management computer and storage system, and storage area allocation amount controlling method
12 7,590,810 Method and computer network for copying a volume of a storage subsystem with improved arrangement for handling update requests
13 7,590,809 Remote copy system
14 7,590,719 System and a method for blocking off processors when communication paths between adapters and a cache memory are determined to be secure
15 7,590,709 Search method and search broker
16 7,590,671 Storage system, file migration method and computer program product
17 7,590,670 Management system of difference data among servers and control method of information processing apparatus
18 7,590,667 File replication method for distributed file systems
19 7,590,664 Storage system and storage system data migration method
20 7,590,651 Search apparatus
21 7,590,597 Electronic business transaction system
22 7,590,356 Variable dispersion compensator
23 7,590,348 Photographing apparatus
24 7,590,241 Receiver and receiving method
25 7,590,108 Composite computer apparatus and management method thereof
26 7,590,043 Optical pickup and optical information recording apparatus using the same
27 7,589,937 Thin film magnetic head with high Fe alloy plating film and manufacturing method thereof
28 7,589,932 Filtered air separator for disk drive
29 7,589,904 Projection type image display device
30 7,589,833 Foreign matter inspection apparatus and foreign matter inspection method
31 7,589,530 Coil device and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
32 7,589,436 Data processing unit and DC backup power supply
33 7,589,423 Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and designing the same
34 7,589,400 Inverter and vehicle drive unit using the same
35 7,589,345 Nitride-based compound semiconductor substrate and method for fabricating the same
36 7,589,334 Ion beam delivery equipment and an ion beam delivery method
37 7,589,321 Reaction cell and mass spectrometer
38 7,589,320 Mass spectrometer
39 7,589,312 Physical quantity measuring system with fiber Bragg grating sensor and arrayed waveguide grating
40 7,588,884 Method for enhancing wafer alignment marks
41 7,588,841 Perpendicular magnetic recording exchange-spring type medium with a lateral coupling layer for increasing intergranular exchange coupling in the lower magnetic layer
42 7,588,835 Method of treating the surface of copper and copper
43 7,588,650 High-temperature member for use in gas turbine
44 7,588,449 Connector structure
45 7,588,423 Pump for liquid chromatograph
46 7,587,938 Thermal type flow meter including a secondary heating device to suppress heat transfer
47 7,587,887 Advanced humid air turbine power plant
48 7,587,811 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head for perpendicular magnetic data recording
49 7,587,810 High milling resistance write pole fabrication method for perpendicular recording