Hitachi patents granted on 15 September 2015

40 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,137,932 Electric power conversion apparatus
2 9,137,888 Power distribution mounting component and inverter apparatus using same
3 9,137,706 Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, and gateway
4 9,137,158 Communication apparatus and communication method
5 9,137,150 Chassis type switch
6 9,137,118 Management server and management method
7 9,137,079 Transmitting device, receiving device, and signal processing method in radio communication system
8 9,136,788 Motor controller, air compressor, air conditioner, controller of passenger conveyor and controller of conveyor
9 9,136,566 Battery system
10 9,136,244 Semiconductor package having a metal member and a resin mold, which are bonded to a silane coupling agent and an intermediate layer of an oxide film
11 9,136,189 Surface observation apparatus and surface observation method
12 9,136,114 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing method, computer-readable medium with program for executing a substrate processing method, and substrate processing apparatus
13 9,136,095 Method for controlling plasma processing apparatus
14 9,136,089 Pattern dimension measuring device, charged particle beam apparatus, and computer program
15 9,136,042 Differential signal transmission cable, multiwire differential signal transmission cable, and differential signal transmission cable producing method and apparatus
16 9,135,702 Image display device for medical applications, image display method for medical applications
17 9,135,273 Similar image search system
18 9,134,920 Storage apparatus and command control method
19 9,134,915 Computer system to migrate virtual computers or logical paritions
20 9,134,723 Path interference and generation device and method
21 9,134,608 Positive photosensitive resin composition, method for producing patterned cured film and electronic component
22 9,134,334 Automatic analyzer using a sample container having an information recording member
23 9,134,279 Internal defect inspection method and apparatus for the same
24 9,134,153 Flowmeter
25 9,133,851 Control device and control method of compressor
26 9,133,846 Scroll fluid machine having a sealed compression chamber
27 9,133,842 Variable displacement pump
28 9,133,776 Control apparatus and control method for internal-combustion engine
29 9,133,769 Connection structure of exhaust chamber, support structure of turbine, and gas turbine
30 9,133,734 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
31 9,133,604 Hydraulic control device for work machine
32 9,133,602 Information management system for construction machine
33 9,133,308 Resin composition, and printed wiring board, laminated sheet, and prepreg using same
34 9,132,819 Vehicle control apparatus
35 9,132,790 In-vehicle network system
36 9,132,611 Resin composition, prepreg using same, metal foil with resin, adhesive film, and metal-clad laminate
37 9,132,391 Air pollution control device
38 9,132,285 Radiation measuring device, particle beam therapy device provided with radiation measuring device, and method for calculating dose profile of particle beam
39 9,131,923 Ultrasonic diagnostic device and ultrasonic image display method
40 9,131,887 System for measuring mood state