Hitachi patents granted on 16 August 2011

52 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,001,554 Compound information platform and managing method for the same
2 8,001,415 Program control method for network devices and network system
3 8,001,393 Storage control device
4 8,001,355 Storage system, volume allocation method and management apparatus
5 8,001,351 Data migration method and information processing system
6 8,001,349 Access control method for a storage system
7 8,001,327 Method and apparatus for managing placement of data in a tiered storage system
8 8,001,326 Portable terminal
9 8,001,324 Information processing apparatus and informaiton processing method
10 8,001,284 Techniques for managing a storage environment
11 8,001,229 Operation management system, management apparatus, management method and management program
12 8,001,221 Method of building system and management server
13 8,001,163 Database management system for controlling power consumption of storage system
14 8,000,939 Charged particle beam apparatus
15 8,000,819 Manufacturing instruction evaluation support system, manufacturing instruction evaluation support method, and manufacturing instruction evaluation support program
16 8,000,745 Radio communication method and radio base transmission station
17 8,000,211 Optical disc apparatus and method for controlling the same
18 8,000,194 Optical disc apparatus, method of adjusting focus offset for optical disc apparatus, and program for executing focus offset adjustment
19 8,000,183 Object lens actuator, optical pickup and optical disk drive
20 8,000,062 Enhanced magnetoresistance and localized sensitivity by gating in lorentz magnetoresistors
21 8,000,060 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and system having a magnetic recording layer with a perpendicular recording layer, a magnetic coupling layer, and a writing assist layer
22 8,000,059 Perpendicular magnetic write head with a thin wrap around magnetic shield
23 8,000,058 Magnetic head for perpendicular recording having pole pieces provided on surface of soft magnetic film
24 8,000,048 Magnetic recording disk and disk drive with track identification using phase-type servo patterns
25 8,000,047 Inspection apparatus and inspection method of magnetic disk or magnetic head
26 8,000,045 Inspection apparatus and inspection method of magnetic disk or magnetic head
27 7,999,932 Inspection apparatus and inspection method
28 7,999,903 Liquid crystal display device having columnar spacers formed on first and second elongated support layers
29 7,999,887 Liquid crystal display device
30 7,999,846 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and recording medium for programs therefor
31 7,999,803 Liquid crystal display device having drive circuit
32 7,999,777 Liquid crystal display device
33 7,999,671 Radio communication apparatus and information processing apparatus
34 7,999,652 Thick film resistor
35 7,999,640 RF module
36 7,999,566 Wafer level testing
37 7,999,565 Inspection apparatus and inspection method using electron beam
38 7,999,469 Organic EL display provided with gel-state encapsulant incorporating a desiccant and a high molecular-weight medium
39 7,999,242 Substrate holding apparatus, and inspection or processing apparatus
40 7,999,240 Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
41 7,999,235 Nuclear medicine diagnosis apparatus
42 7,999,222 Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
43 7,998,913 Flow modifiers for improved magnetic recording device
44 7,998,637 Liquid fuel cell with a planer electrolyte layer
45 7,998,607 Partially-oxidized cap layer for hard disk drive magnetic media
46 7,998,605 Magnetic recording medium and method for production thereof
47 7,997,665 Brake control apparatus
48 7,997,588 Cylinder apparatus and stabilizer apparatus using the same
49 7,997,424 Flat membrane element and manufacturing method thereof
50 7,997,394 Damping force adjustable fluid pressure shock absorber
51 7,997,177 Miter saw
52 7,997,078 Operation method of nuclear power plant