Hitachi patents granted on 16 December 2008

49 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D582,739 Portable electric saw
2 7,467,346 Decoding error correction codes using a modular single recursion implementation
3 7,467,339 Semiconductor integrated circuit and a method of testing the same
4 7,467,322 Failover method in a cluster computer system
5 7,467,275 Capacity expansion volume migration method
6 7,467,273 Storage apparatus for preventing falsification of data
7 7,467,269 Storage apparatus and storage apparatus control method
8 7,467,263 Storage system, management apparatus & method for determining a performance problem using past & current performance values of the resources
9 7,467,241 Storage control method and storage control system
10 7,467,238 Disk controller and storage system
11 7,467,235 Data transfer method and system
12 7,467,234 Computer system
13 7,467,221 Video server for video distribution system
14 7,467,190 Method and apparatus for alert distribution and archive sharing
15 7,467,165 Recovery method using CDP
16 7,467,143 Storage operation management system
17 7,467,122 System for aiding the design of product configuration
18 7,467,085 Method and apparatus for language translation using registered databases
19 7,467,079 Cross lingual text classification apparatus and method
20 7,467,006 Magnetic resonance imaging system and contrast-enhanced angiography
21 7,466,864 Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
22 7,466,639 Optical disk device and optical disk discriminating method
23 7,466,577 Semiconductor storage device having a plurality of stacked memory chips
24 7,466,558 Portable electronic device
25 7,466,524 Self-pinned spin valve sensor having its first AP pinned layer thicker than its second AP pinned layer to reduce the likelihood of amplitude flip
26 7,466,522 Electrical lead structures having crystalline structures that match underlying magnetic hard bias layers for magnetoresistive sensors
27 7,466,521 EMR structure with bias control and enhanced linearity of signal
28 7,466,516 Lead configuration for reduced capacitive interference in a magnetic read/write head
29 7,466,515 Magnetic medium having a soft underlayer with a magnetic anisotropy
30 7,466,514 Control system to regulate the concentration of vapor in a hard disk drive
31 7,466,513 Airflow shroud for HDD tracking microactuator
32 7,466,506 Magnetic recording disk drive with head positioning servo control system for disk surfaces with identical servo patterns
33 7,466,389 Display device having contact holes’ taper angle larger in display region than in terminal region
34 7,466,375 Liquid crystal display device
35 7,466,359 Image-pickup apparatus and method having distance measuring function
36 7,466,299 Display device
37 7,466,292 Plasma display apparatus
38 7,466,103 Battery module
39 7,465,945 Method and apparatus for processing a micro sample
40 7,465,944 Charged particle therapy apparatus and charged particle therapy system
41 7,465,935 Method for inspecting pattern defect and device for realizing the same
42 7,465,532 Image transfer process for thin film component definition
43 7,465,215 Sponge blasting apparatus and sponge blasting method
44 7,465,098 Spindle motor having variably grooved radial and thrust bearing with reduced groove angle near bearing entry
45 7,464,921 Bill deposit/withdrawal machine for depositing/withdrawing bills
46 7,464,687 Direct-injection engine, method of controlling the same, piston used in the same and fuel injection valve used in the same
47 7,464,493 Work machine
48 7,464,458 Method for manufacturing a self-aligned, notched trailing shield for perpendicular recording
49 7,464,457 Method for forming a write head having an air bearing surface (ABS)