Hitachi patents granted on 16 January 2007

43 US patents granted on 16 January 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,165,251 In-context launch management method, system therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
2 7,165,201 Method for performing testing of a simulated storage device within a testing simulation environment
3 7,165,163 Remote storage disk control device and method for controlling the same
4 7,165,160 Computing system with memory mirroring and snapshot reliability
5 7,165,158 System and method for migrating a replication system
6 7,165,157 Method of performing active data copying processing, and storage subsystem and storage control apparatus for performing active data copying processing
7 7,165,148 Data prefetch method for indirect references
8 7,165,106 Method of managing operation of computer system
9 7,165,083 File management method in a distributed storage system
10 7,164,765 Method of a public key encryption and a cypher communication both secure against a chosen-ciphertext attack
11 7,164,682 ATM communication apparatus and bandwidth control method of the same
12 7,164,557 Apparatus for burnishing small asperities and cleaning loose particles from magnetic recording media
13 7,164,556 Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
14 7,164,555 Magnetic head with heater of thermal flying height control
15 7,164,554 Disk drive with hub and apparatus for prevention of lubrication migration for lubricated clamp fasteners in disk drive applications
16 7,164,552 Method for self-servo writing a disk drive with dual-stage actuator
17 7,164,550 Disk drive, positioning method for head, and servo system
18 7,164,549 Load/unload system and method for maximizing disk writeable area
19 7,164,453 Display device
20 7,164,415 Display controller and display device provided therewith
21 7,164,403 Liquid crystal display device having a gray-scale voltage selector circuit
22 7,164,402 Liquid crystal display device
23 7,164,394 Plasma display apparatus
24 7,164,380 Interrogator and goods management system adopting the same
25 7,164,371 Method and apparatus for data coding for high density recording channels exhibiting low frequency contents
26 7,164,269 Nuclear magnetic resonance probe coil
27 7,164,129 Method and device for observing a specimen in a field of view of an electron microscope
28 7,164,128 Method and apparatus for observing a specimen
29 7,164,127 Scanning electron microscope and a method for evaluating accuracy of repeated measurement using the same
30 7,164,126 Method of forming a sample image and charged particle beam apparatus
31 7,164,124 Mass spectrometric apparatus and ion source
32 7,164,099 Multi-axis laser machine, method for machining with the same, and recording medium recording computer program for controlling the same
33 7,163,886 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
34 7,163,849 Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
35 7,163,822 Apparatus and method for luminometric assay
36 7,163,756 Magnetic recording medium
37 7,163,729 Nonlinear optical thin film, optical recording medium using nonlinear optical film and optical switch
38 7,163,644 CMP abrasive, liquid additive for CMP abrasive and method for polishing substrate
39 7,163,422 Protection of hard drive interface connector
40 7,163,386 Scroll compressor having a movable auxiliary portion with contact plane of a stopper portion to contact a pane of the fixed scroll through elastic pressure of high pressure fluid
41 7,163,379 Gradient liquid feed pump system, and liquid chromatograph
42 7,163,162 Fuel-injection valve
43 7,162,984 Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine and method for assembling same