Hitachi patents granted on 16 June 2009

33 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,549,171 Method and apparatus for validation of application data on a storage system
2 7,549,086 Memory card and its initial setting method
3 7,549,084 Storage control apparatus and failure recovery method for storage control apparatus
4 7,549,083 Data restoring method and an apparatus using journal data and an identification information
5 7,549,076 Fail over method through disk take over and computer system having fail over function
6 7,549,019 Storage control system
7 7,549,016 Storage control apparatus for selecting storage media based on a user-specified performance requirement
8 7,548,996 Data streamer
9 7,548,959 Method for accessing distributed file system
10 7,548,924 Managing method for storage subsystem
11 7,548,793 On-line process specification adjusting and component disposing based on predictive model of component performance
12 7,548,694 Apparatus of adjusting optical signal transmission timing
13 7,548,502 Power backup method for disk storage device
14 7,548,439 Electric power converter for reducing generated high frequency components
15 7,548,411 Electronic circuit structure, power supply apparatus, power supply system, and electronic apparatus
16 7,548,406 Method for utilizing a bulk erase tool to erase perpendicularly recorded media
17 7,548,323 Displacement and flatness measurements by use of a laser with diffractive optic beam shaping and a multiple point sensor array using the back reflection of an illuminating laser beam
18 7,548,276 Frame rate conversion device, image display apparatus, and method of converting frame rate
19 7,548,109 Voltage converter and display device comprising a voltage converter
20 7,548,034 Centrifuge
21 7,548,024 Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
22 7,547,987 EMI reduced power inverter
23 7,547,971 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
24 7,547,966 Power semiconductor module
25 7,547,884 Pattern defect inspection method and apparatus thereof
26 7,547,414 Automatic analyzer
27 7,547,365 Process for producing, through strip casting, raw alloy for nanocomposite type permanent magnet
28 7,547,188 Ni-based alloy member, method of producing the alloy member, turbine engine part, welding material, and method of producing the welding material
29 7,547,187 Axial turbine
30 7,547,175 Transfer device for substrate and storing device and hand therein, and substrate handled by the device
31 7,546,832 Control device of high-pressure fuel pump of internal combustion engine
32 7,546,741 Ignition detecting system and method for gas turbine
33 7,546,678 Electronic component mounting apparatus